Travel Fundamentals for Grenada

Vacationers will be well served by learning about daily life on Grenada

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When traveling to Grenada, it is wise to learn about every day life on the island. Knowing how to treat the island's ecosystem, how to act and dress in the presence of locals, and which areas offer the best beaches is basic information that will go a long way toward getting the most from your visit.

Customs and Etiquette

One of the most valuable benefits of foreign travel is experiencing life in a different culture. Awareness and understanding of local etiquette will allow you to cultivate an appreciation for Grenada that goes much deeper than its beautiful beaches.


Always treat locals, their property, and the island environment with respect. It is illegal to to take bark, corals, and other wildlife from the land or water. Although photographers may be tempted to take snapshots of Grenada's intriguing people and sites, it is considered rude to point a camera and snap a photograph without first asking permission. Sometimes, a small monetary tip is also appreciated before taking a photo.

Although beachwear and sparse clothing may be ideal for lounging on Grenada's beaches, it is not appreciated in other places. Do not wear swimsuits or other beach attire and revealing clothing in shops, restaurants, cities, and towns. Grenadians typically dress well, and dinner dress should be casual, but neat. To read more about clothing and attire on Grenada, click here.

The people of Grenada are known to be friendly and welcoming, and travelers should not find it difficult to endear themselves by simply showing respect for local customs and ways of life. As a good rule of thumb, avoid doing anything that would seem disrespectful in your own city or home.


Although there is a primary tourist region on Grenada, several other locations and areas are well worth a visit when staying in the country.

Region Description
St. George's The capital and center of Grenada, this photogenic city combines a rich sense of history. The Carenage, at St. George's harbor, is the most popular area of the city, with shops and dining both available to travelers. The city also has a vibrant Market Square.
Southwest Tip Point Salines International Airport, located on the southwest tip of the island is the port of entry for all international air travelers. Visitors will be near L'Anse aux Epines, St. George's and the famous Grand Anse when they arrive here. Grand Anse, located south of St. George's is the most popular area on Grenada for tourist travel, and boasts the stunning and renowned Grand Anse Beach.
Grand Étang National Park Located in the center of Grenada, this 30 acre park is allows travelers the opportunity to experience a diverse rainforest environment on Grenada. This preserve is a popular ecotourist spot for hiking.
East and North Coast Although there are only a few beaches on these coasts that are safe for swimming, there are several sites which may be appealing to travelers. Grenville has a popular nutmeg processing station. The east side of the island has the abandoned airport, Pearl's, as well the traditional River Antoine Rum Distillery (Rivers Rum). Travelers can find beaches at La Sagesse and in Levera National Park.
Carriacou The largest island of the Grenadines, but a part of Grenada, this island allows travelers a quieter and more secluded experience. The island boasts a number of attractive beaches, including Sandy Island, a small strip of land off of the island's west coast. Hillsborough is the main tourist town and entry port.
Petite Martinique Even more remote than Carriacou, this small island has an area smaller than 500 acres. This sparsely populated island has a few guesthouses for visitors, but does not at all cater to tourists looking to shop, dine, and go out. There are a number of quiet and beautiful beaches to enjoy. This island can be reached by ferry from Grenada or Carriacou.

No matter what region of Grenada travelers choose to explore, they are likely to be greeted by some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean. Gracious vacationers are sure to return the friendliness.


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