Weather on Grenada

Keeping up on the current weather patterns can help you better plan for your vacation

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Grenada Weather

Year-round warm weather and sunshine make Grenada a great destination during any month. Like most Caribbean islands, Grenada's summer-like climate experiences few variations. The biggest seasonal change is during the rainy season.

Weather on Grenada varies according to altitude. The island has very remarkable topography, with several mountainous regions. Around the coastline, weather tends to be more hot and humid, but as you travel toward the interior of the island, temperatures change drastically. The rainforests of Grenada are shrouded in thick mists, and temperatures in the forests are considerably cooler than on the outer edges of the island. No matter the season, light rains often fall in the mountainous and forested areas of Grenada.

...relief from sultry summer temperatures...


Because Grenada is covered in lush tropical vegetation and rainforests, the little island has to maintain a warm, balmy climate to sustain its precious foliage. The average year-round temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Daily highs usually climb to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and low temperatures, which usually occur at night, stay near 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest months are from June through August. Cooler temperatures characterize the region's winter season, from November to February. Northeast trade winds provide cool, comfortable relief from sultry summer temperatures, so if you travel during the summer, you shouldn't be overwhelmed by the tropical heat.

Grenada's seasons are measured by rainfall rather than temperature. The dry season falls between January and May, when showers are few and sporadic. The rainy season is June through December, when conditions are more humid, and Grenada experiences some heavy rainfall. During the wet season, expect rainstorms accompanied by high winds. If you visit during these muggy months, bring rain gear. Rainfall varies each year, and showers show up in short bursts, so travelers shouldn't be discouraged from visiting during the summer.

Grenada lies on the edge of the hurricane belt, so the island can be affected by bad weather and storms. Hurricane season falls during the rainy season, from about June to November. Hurricane threats are usually rare, and travelers visiting the island during this time will likely not have to worry. Technology has been able to locate and predict storms forming in the waters well in advance. Before leaving for your tropical vacation, investigate current weather conditions.


Month Avg. Daily High Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit) Avg. Daily Low Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit)
January 81.6
February 81.7
March 82.9
April 84.1
May 85.3
June 85.0
July 84.9
August 85.4
September 85.2
October 85.0
November 83.5
December 82.3
Annual 83.9

Weather on the island can vary by region and by season, so plan accordingly.


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