Snorkeling Around Gros Islet

Don't give up on the possibility of exploring the pristine coral reef systems nearby Gros Islet just because you aren't a trained scuba diver.  All you need is a snorkel, a mask, and maybe some fins, and you will be able to immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of this island's marine landscape.

It may not be as mentioned as often as some other islands in the Caribbean, but St. Lucia is a great snorkeling destination, but you have to know where to look.  Water conditions in the Gros Islet area are fantastic, with warm temperatures year round, calm surf, and visibility that reaches upwards of 100 feet.  When you visit the small beach of Gros Islet, you'll often see a snorkel or two bobbing out of the water, and you certainly can bring your gear and explore here as well.  The problem is, that the underwater landscape here is lacking anything of true interest.  To really be amazed, you'll need to go a little further out from shore.

A boat is a necessity when it comes to snorkeling in the Gros Islet area.  You don't need to know how to sail to participate in the sport.  Most sailing charters are more than happy to stop and let their guests get in a bit of time in the water, and many even provide a snorkeling kit.  There are also several dive shops and tour operators that offer snorkeling tours on a daily basis.  Some of the top visited sites from Gros Islet include Coral Gardens and the Roseman's Trench, but you can speak with your tour guide if you have other locations in mind.  

Snorkeling Sites

If you'd like to explore below the water's surface you might want to visit Reduit Beach. Although you have to be on the lookout for surfers and boaters, this beach is a great site for snorkeling thanks to its diverse array of marine life. This snorkeling site is found within Gros Islet.

Rodney Bay is another option. If you have the chance to snorkel in this bay, some of the fish you'll encounter will include parrotfish, squirrelfish, flounder, and blue tang, plus octopus, spiny lobster, and arrow crabs.

A third location to consider is Pigeon Island National Landmark. The rocky shore turns into a rocky underwater world where coral and many types of fish are prevalent and the crystal clear waters make it easy to explore.

Check the chart below for a quick overview of 3 of the best locations to go snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Gros Islet
Site Location Island
Reduit Beach None, 0.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Gros Islet
Rodney Bay 0.5 mi. South West of Central Gros Islet Saint Lucia
Pigeon Island National Landmark Pigeon Island, 1.1 mi. Northwest of Central Gros Islet Pigeon Island

Snorkeling Services

If you looking for a business offering snorkeling gear, excursions or similar services, you might want to check with Eastern Caribbean Diving. Explore the underwater world with a team that is professional and courteous when you choose this dive center that is PADI International Resort Association Member to help you get your snorkeling adventure started. They are located in La Brelotte Bay, a short distance away South West of central Gros Islet.

Another company that offers snorkeling related services is Scuba Steve's Diving. Specializing in guided tours that the whole family can enjoy, this watersports center and tour guide operator wants their guests to experience the best of the island with them at your service.

A third place to consider is Saluna Watersports. Water sports are always a great way to spend your vacation time, and Saluna makes renting equipment fast and easy. Along with their {% link_to 1710393 using 'boat tours' %} and {% link_to 5056412 using 'water taxi services' %}, Saluna will get you out on the water in no time, with incredibly fun activities like water skiing, wake boarding, banana boats and tubing. They're situated in Rodney Bay, a short distance away South West of central Gros Islet.

Information regarding 3 firms that offer services related to snorkeling are displayed in the chart below.

Snorkeling Services In And Around Gros Islet
Name Type Phone Location
Eastern Caribbean Diving Snorkeling Tour Operator (758) 453-3483 La Brelotte Bay, 2.3 mi. South West of Central Gros Islet
Saluna Watersports Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (758) 727-0009 0.4 mi. South West of Central Gros Islet
Scuba Steve's Diving Snorkeling Tour Operator (758) 450-9433 0.3 mi. South-Southwest of Central Gros Islet

For more information about snorkeling, including tips and suggestions for both "old pros" and beginners, check out our comprehensive Caribbean snorkeling page.

Because it does take a bit of effort and at least a half day of your time to see some of the best snorkeling sites in Gros Islet, it is recommended that you make a point to book your tour in advance of your trip.  This way you have a scheduled slot of time to make sure you get to see exactly why the underwater world of St. Lucia is so highly praised by those who have been able to enjoy it.  


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