Taxis in Gros Islet

It isn't hard to hail a cab in Gros Islet

Finding transportation in Gros Islet is easy, whether you want to rent a car or take the bus. Another option exists that is probably the most popular despite the high expense: local taxi service. This option is perfect for tourists who will spend more of their time at their resort than out exploring and will just need a ride every once in awhile, visitors who are simply too young to rent a car, or those who prefer the more private nature of a taxi over the bus.

Taxi Companies

Taxis in Gros Islet can usually be found driving around popular resorts, restaurants, and shopping centers, on the hunt for tourists and locals who need a ride. You can also call a local company and set up the times throughout the day when you'll need to be picked up, or see if a driver is available to pick you up on the spot. Drivers here will take you anywhere on the island, including to another city, though as you much expect it will cost you to do so.

The following table indicates how to get a hold of local taxi companies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
A&M Taxi Service (758) 452-9816 Bonneterre - Gros Islet
All Purpose Taxi (758) 384-1011 Gros Islet
C&M Touring Service (758) 450-0073 Massade 1 - Gros Islet
Frank's Taxis and Tours (758) 452-3510 Gros Islet
Gros Islet Taxi Association (758) 452-6067 Gros Islet

As you look for a ride, you'll notice that taxis in this area come in all shapes and sizes. From sedans to vans, you'll find them all roaming the streets. You'll be able to tell them apart from private vehicles by checking the license plate for red lettering that begins with "TX." Many will also have the word "TAXI" printed on the doors or across the windshield, and sometimes a dome light on the roof that will shine when seats are available.


Taxis in Gros Islet drive around without their meters running. This is because all of the rates, no matter where you want to go on the island, are set in advance. You can get a complete listing from the Board of Tourism, but the prices are also available on rate cards in every taxi. When you get into the vehicle, you'll want to ask to see the rate card and discuss the cost with your driver to ensure that you are on the same page. You'll find that the rates are typically quoted in United States Dollars for up to four passengers and some drivers are happy to accept foreign currency. Others will only take local currency, so that is something you'll need to discuss as well.

Want to know what it costs to use a taxi? Scan the following set of examples.

Typical Fares Around Gros Islet
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 10.00 - $ 11.50 Rodney Bay Gros Islet
$ 25.00 - $ 28.75 Downtown Castries Gros Islet

In addition to rides from one destination to another, you can also hire your driver to take you on a tour of the island for about $200(USD) for four passengers. This price, unlike regular fare is negotiable. Make sure to show your appreciation for your driver by offering a tip of between 10 and 15 percent of your total bill, plus another dollar or two for handling luggage if necessary.

Taxis are easy to come by, which is one of the reasons that many tourists opt to make use of the service. Whether you need a ride once or twice or for every time you go out, there is no challenge to making it happen in Gros Islet.


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