Best Accommodations for Dining in Guadeloupe

Hotels in Guadeloupe Known for Great Dining

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Enjoying the local fare is crucial to having an authentic travel experience. Guadeloupe offers so much diversity that it'll be hard to choose between all their dining destinations. No matter where you stay, you can try both traditional and modern takes on the local cuisine.

The properties listed on this page are excellent picks when you and your travel companions require a diverse set of food options. Many of these top choices have incredible on-site dining, while some are in the vicinity of more restaurants than you'll have time to try.

Guadeloupe's Best Hotels for Dining Options

Travelers tend to eat more meals at their hotels than they planned to—especially after an exhausting day. So sometimes selecting a hotel in Guadeloupe means evaluating each property's dining options. Not only are on-site dining options convenient, but most hotels pride themselves on their excellent food, making "staying in" a tempting option.

The following properties were chosen based on their amenities and options, such as the convenience factor of their nearby dining and how many full service restaurants one can try on-site.

Properties in Guadeloupe for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Residence Marifa Pointe A Pitre check
Saint John Perse Downtown Pointe A Pitre
Hôtel Village Soleil Bas-du-Fort
La Maison Creole Gosier
Hôtel Fleur d’Epée 2.0 mi. South of Pointe A Pitre

If one of these hotels or resorts catches your eye, click its name and you'll be led to comprehensive articles about that property — because even though dining is an important part of any vacation, it's not the only consideration.

Best Hotels in Guadeloupe for Nearby Restaurants

You might also want to consider the proximity of your hotel to local restaurants. No matter how amazing and convenient the food at your hotel turns out to be, it's always enjoyable to experience different takes on the local cuisine, particularly if your visit is for more than a few days.

Below are properties ranked by how close they are to lots of neighborhood restaurants.

Best Properties in Guadeloupe for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
Residence Terrasses De Illet Gosier, Grande-Terre
Résidence Les Boucaniers Downtown St. Francois, Grande-Terre
Tendacayou Deshaies, Basse-Terre
Bwa Chik Hotel & Golf Saint-Francois, Grande-Terre
Lo Bleu Hotel Terre-de-Haut

Bear in mind that some of Guadeloupe's best restaurants are found inside hotels, so you may find yourself dining in style at a completely different property. By clicking the name of any hotel on this page, you will be able to see photos and detailed info about each property, in addition to even more about the restaurants on-site and nearby.


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