Anbadlola Guadeloupe-Plongee

Photo credit: © Anbadlola Guadeloupe-Plongee

Personalized excursions that take guests to Pigeon Island in hopes of snorkeling with turtles and dolphins is what this operation specializes in.

Anbadlola Guadeloupe-Plongee

Cost and Offerings

The staff at Anbalola Guadeloupe-Plongee are experts in the Caribbean Sea and the many wonders it holds. Tour guides have a passion for the waters and will join you not just for the boat ride, but also in your snorkeling adventures. In the water, they will help point out fish and other features you won't want to miss.

As you can imagine, the cost of a tour with Anbadlola varies based on the specific option. Two of their most popular options are their Turtle Tour and Dolphin Tour, which takes you out to see these aquatic animals. The Turtle Tour costs 38 Euros ($42 USD) per adult and 20 Euros ($22 USD) per child. The Dolphin Tour costs 80 Euros ($88 USD) per adult and 65 Euros ($71 USD) per child. They also have family and group discounts, such as a two adult - two child Turtle Tour pack for only 100 Euros ($110 USD), a savings of about $28 USD.

Location and Contact Information

Situated in Pointe-Noire, close to Cafeiere, Anbadlola Guadeloupe-Plongee is a good choice if you'll be staying in this neighborhood or the surrounding area. If you're curious, Basse Terre is to the south.

Location: Pointe-Noire, Basse-Terre

Phone: (069) 047-1161




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