Renting a Bike or Scooter in Guadeloupe

Bikes and mopeds are becoming a popular means of transportation

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Guadeloupe has some of the best biking terrain in the Caribbean. Cycling has become a popular sport and is a good way to see the countryside.

...hosts the Tour de la Guadeloupe every August...


Guadeloupe hosts the Tour de la Guadeloupe every August, which is one of the world's major cycling events. Vacationers will find that bike and motor scooter rentals are readily available, making it easy to enjoy the great outdoors.

Many of Guadeloupe's local people, as well as tourists, travel the island by bike or motor scooter. Cycling has grown popular on Guadeloupe and its neighboring islands, especially in flat areas like Grand-Terre, where bicycle rental shops are easy to find. Travelers should be cautious when navigating the streets of Guadeloupe by bike or scooter, since islanders tend to drive with a purpose: to get where they need to go as quickly as they can. So, when riding a bike or moped, be sure to wear the proper safety equipment like helmets and reflectors, and be on the lookout for fast moving cars, especially around the highways, like in Pointe a Pitre.

Vacationers may be able to rent a bicycle or scooter from their hotel, some of which have special rates for their guests. Contact your hotel to see whether or not they have cycle rentals. If your accommodations don't rent out bikes or mopeds, you can find a number of cycle rental shops located in Guadeloupe. Here are some scooter and bicycle rental places on the islands, along with their contact information:

If you like the idea of experiencing the wind in your face, you will encounter a variety of different rental agencies that can help make it happen.

If you're ready to make a reservation, you might want to contact Buggy Lib. Giving visitors the adventure of a lifetime, Buggy Lib allows customers the ability to take the wheel of their own ATV buggy. Made for rugged terrain and lots of laughter, this experience is one you'll want hit top speed on. They are located within Guadeloupe.

Another good option is Gwada Loisirs Bikes. The featured bicycles are Trek 3500 mountain bikes. Backpack, pumps, and punctures can also be rented. They can be reached at (059) 084-5213.

The following chart offers more details on 11 businesses in the area.

Bike and Moped Rental In Guadeloupe
Name Phone Location
Ambiance-Quad (069) 053-9559 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
Buggy Lib (+590) 690 15 66 24 2.2 mi. Northwest of Central Saint-Francois
Cyclo-Tours (059) 084-1134 Gosier
Dingo Rentals (059) 088-9143 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
Easy Rent (059) 088-7627 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
Gwada Loisirs Bikes (059) 084-5213 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
Karucycle (059) 082-2139 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
MM (059) 088-5912 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
Rent-a-Bike (059) 088-5100 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
Velo-Vert (059) 083-1574 Downtown Pointe A Pitre
Vespa Sun (059) 091-3036 Pointe A Pitre

Vacationers can also get information about scheduling bike tours by contacting Association Guadeloupeen de VTT at telephone number 590-82-82-67. The cost of renting a moped or scooter is about €15 to €25.50 per day, which is about $19.67(USD) to $33.43(USD). To rent a bicycle, tourists will pay about €7.50 to €10.50 per day, which comes to around $9.83(USD) to $13.77(USD).

Enjoy the beautiful natural environment of Guadeloupe and its neighboring islands by renting a bike or moped during your island retreat.


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