Booking your Trip to Guadeloupe

Travelers have several ways to book their island retreat

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Travelers to Guadeloupe can visit the butterfly shaped Basse-Terre and Grand-Terre or wander out to the smaller islands of Iles des Saintes, Marie Galante, or La Désirade. Wherever you choose to explore, you have many options for booking your travel. Log onto the Internet, pick up the phone, or consult a travel agent to be on your way to Guadeloupe.

Just as more and more travelers have turned to the Internet to conduct research, increasing numbers are going online to book their travel arrangements. Although phone calls and travel agents give travelers access to personal interaction, the Internet is quickly becoming the most popular booking method. Phone representatives typically allow travelers to deal directly with a company, while travel agents and Internet vendors act as liaisons between the vacationer and travel company. In the event that a problem arises, third party travel vendors and travel agents may assist travelers in dealing with a company. Third party vendors have an interest in keeping their customers happy, and may only deal with companies that consistently provide satisfactory customer experiences.

The undeniable ease of accessing the Internet, along with the advent of high speed connections, have made online booking fast and convenient. Although some people may be uncomfortable sending personal information over the Internet, reputable travel sites provide secure connections that protect electronic data.

Prospective vacationers may have a company that they have come to trust and rely on for consistently exemplary service and customer care. In such cases, travelers can usually book their travel arrangements directly through the Web site of their favored company. Whether it be an airline or a hotel chain, companies often offer special Internet-only deals. Benefits such as vouchers and coupons may also be available for those who book through the Internet.

Among Internet sites, travel vendors are perhaps the most popular way to make travel arrangements. In general, travel vendor sites act as all-inclusive booking agents, allowing travelers to book airfare, cruise travel, accommodations, rental cars, tours, and more. Internet vendors may also offer packaged deals that include all of the above in one bargain price. The primary advantage of these sites is the long list of results that travelers can choose from. Prospective vacationers are typically able to compare dozens of options on everything from airfare to accommodations, giving them plenty of choice concerning prices, dates, amenities, and more.

Travel vendor sites are divided into two categories: general travel vendors and specialist vendors. General Internet travel vendors provide vacation packages to most locations throughout the world, and will have packages and options for all kinds of travelers, from honeymooners to business travelers. Specialist travel vendors focus exclusively on travel to a certain region or may cater to a certain type of traveler. Both types of vendors will offer numerous options and packages, and researchers may be able to find exclusive deals on each type of site. Look through both types of sites to find the best deal for your travel needs.

Prices between competing travel vendor sites typically vary only slightly, as these companies are generally given similar deals by airlines and hotels. While rates may seem similar, the initial quoted prices may not include extras such as taxes, service charges, departure fees, and convenience charges. Carefully inspect prices and company policies to understand what is included in the quoted price. This will give you information on what to expect in the event that travel arrangements must be changed or canceled.

Not all travelers have access to or want to use the Internet to book their travel arrangements. There are several other reliable methods of securing airfare, accommodations, and more.

Travel agents are third party vendors that vacationers can work with directly to plan their Caribbean excursion. Travel agents who specialize in or who have extensive experience in Caribbean travel will typically prove most useful to travelers to Guadeloupe. Agents who are knowledgeable about Guadeloupe and the French West Indies can provide insight and advice into special deals, must-see sites, and exciting tours and adventures. Vacationers who continually use the same travel agent will be able to establish a relationship in which the agent understand their vacation wishes. Agents who are unfamiliar with the Caribbean or Guadeloupe in particular may have to conduct research before being able to provide significant help.

Finally, vacationers can call travel-related companies directly. This option gives travelers the benefit of speaking directly with a company representative to inquire about policies, fees, and more. Phone representatives should be able to answer questions concerning the availability of certain travel options, such as first class airfare or luxury hotel suites. Special deals and benefits may be available through phone booking, although these savings will not typically be as significant as the discounts offered over the Internet.

Research a number of different methods to see which one offers the best deal. With so many options to choose from when booking travel, vacationers should stick with a method that they feel comfortable with. Regardless of the booking method, a vacation in Guadeloupe is unlikely to disappoint.


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