All About Crime in Guadeloupe

Travelers can protect themselves from acts of crime by considering a few safety tips

Guadeloupe Crime

Vacationers should feel relatively safe when visiting Guadeloupe. Compared to other islands in the Caribbean, the crime rate is low on these Lesser Antilles islands. As long as you use common sense when traveling around the islands, you should have very few criminal dangers to worry about.

The annual crime rate in Guadeloupe is lower than in major metropolitan cities, but some travelers do fall victim to random criminal acts. As the tourism industry grows, petty theft is the crime that befalls most island visitors. While staying on the island, tourists should be aware of fast and agile thieves riding motorbikes. They can lift your purse from your shoulder or pick your wallet out of your pocket and be gone in an instant before you even realize what has happened.

Here are a few tips and safety precautions to help travelers prevent becoming a victim of petty crime:

  • Don't try to show off by flashing excessive jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash. Doing so will only single you out as a target to thieves.

  • Don't leave valuable objects like electronics unattended while spending time on the beach.

  • Travel with a group and stay in well-lit areas when you go out at night.

  • Avoid unfamiliar areas, and stay in locations that are patrolled by local police.

  • Keep your valuable items, airport tickets, and passport in the hotel safe, and don't leave them visible, even in a locked car.

If you witness or experience a crime while in Guadeloupe, dial 17 for the police and 18 for fire and ambulance rescue personnel. Travelers who fall victim to a crime should also report it to the nearest embassy or consulate office, which is in Barbados and can be reached at telephone number 246-436-4950.

International travelers should always read up on safety information about overseas travel, just in case an emergency should occur. Vacationers can acquire safety data from their home country's consular office. While visiting Guadeloupe, tourists can have a safe and enjoyable time by remembering a few common sense safety tips.


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