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Guadeloupe's Food

Guadeloupe is world renowned for serving some of the most delicious foods in the Caribbean. With hundreds of restaurants all over the islands specializing in a varied collection of French-Creole cuisine and scrumptious international dishes, finding a place to eat should be no problem at all.


If you feel like celebrating your island getaway with a fancy meal at a swanky dining establishment, Guadeloupe has several lavish and expensive restaurants where you can expect to pay up to $50(USD) for dinner.  Most of the experimental, or fusion, restaurants are located in Jarry, while you can find your more familiar restaurant settings in the areas heavily influenced by tourism, such as Gosier, Ste. Anne, Basse Terre, and Pointe-à-Pitre.  These cities are also where you will find the highest concentration of hotels that offer on-site dining.  Check out our article on the Best Hotels for Dining Options for a complete listing.  You can also search through our extensive list of accommodations in Guadeloupe at our A to Z: Hotels in Detail page.  Here you will find everything you need to know about each hotel, including details such as which restaurants are located on property, and which are located nearby.  Hotel restaurants in Guadeloupe often offer the best of both worlds: fine island cuisine, mixed with some of your favorites from back home, like juicy steaks, and savory burgers.

If you want delicious food at lower prices, enjoy a meal at a moderately priced dining facility for around $16(USD) or so. If you're traveling on a budget or don't feel like dressing up for dinner, grab a bite to eat at a local street vendor called a Lolo, or little eatery along the quay for just $5. Another options is stepping into a small boulangerie (bakery) for a freshly baked baguette sandwich or rich pastry at a decent price.  No matter what your travel budget, you can definitely find some good eats in Guadeloupe that won't break the bank.

Culinary Styles


Vacationers can sample an array of appetizing foods in Guadeloupe, from sophisticated cuisines served at upscale dining facilities, to fresh, hot pizzas prepared at local pizzerias. Whatever you crave, you are sure to find something to satisfy your hunger. Travelers have a variety of dining options, including seafood dishes, rack of lamb, and traditional Creole dishes prepared with savory herbs and spices. While French and Creole certainly dominate the culinary atmosphere in Guadeloupe, vacationers will find plenty of cuisines to enjoy. One popular favorite is called Rótisseur des Isles.  With this, guests enjoy a meal consisting of a salad bar, roasted meats, and a French dessert.  Get ready to chow down on some delectable goodies while enjoying your island retreat; but before you go, take a moment to read about the Culinary Styles of Guadeloupe by clicking here.


Without a doubt, rum is the most popular beverage in Guadeloupe.  There are distilleries spread throughout the islands, and Marie-Galante is even known for producing some of the best rums in the region.  Wine is also popular, although none is produced in Guadeloupe.  French wines are a favorite choice. 

You can tailor your dining decisions to your specific tastes and your budget. And with so many choices in Guadeloupe, you're sure to please both your taste buds and your wallet on these amazing islands.


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