Plage Leroux

A quiet little beach with sand so soft that children immediately feel obligated to run through it, visitors must still keep an eye on the surf since this is not a protected cove.

Located on the island of Basse-Terre, 4.0 miles south west of Cafeiere, You might think about stopping by whether or not you are staying in the vicinity. Plage Leroux stands out because it's perfect for escaping the hustle of Guadeloupe's urban areas. Many of the other beaches you'll come across in Guadeloupe may have the same warm sand and calming breezes as Plage Leroux, but are usually more cramped since they're right in the thick of tourists' favorite hangouts.

Amenities and Ambiance

The sand is white, the water is a deep blue, and the vibe is laid back. Rough storms have left the local vegetation in shambles, but things are beginning to grow back nicely.

Unfortunately, restrooms will not be available here, so those of you traveling with small children may want to consider another spot. Happily, the off-shore waters are clear and good for snorkeling, so grab your gear if you're hoping to find some interesting marine life.

What's Nearby


Plage Leroux is beautiful natural attraction, which you'll find on the North West coast of Basse-Terre. It is near Parc Aquacole de Guadeloupe, which is one of the attractions close-by.

Historic attractions, including Notre Dame des Larmes, offer a nice compliment to the scenery of Plage Leroux, and allow visitors to learn more about Guadeloupe, without having to venture too far from the coast.

If you're looking for plenty of activities to keep you or your family busy, the following table shows the closest options.

Activities and Attractions Near Plage Leroux
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Parc Aquacole de Guadeloupe Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.2 mi. SSW Basse-Terre
Jardin Botanique de Deshaies Botanical Garden 2.1 mi. NNE Basse-Terre
Le Saut Acomat Waterfall 2.9 mi. SE Basse-Terre
Le Tapeur Zip Line Site 3.2 mi. SSE Basse-Terre
Notre Dame des Larmes Historical Site 3.9 mi. NE Basse-Terre
Ecomusée CréoleArt Museum 5.8 mi. E Basse-Terre
Parc del Memelles Zoo 7.5 mi. SSE Basse-Terre
Domaine de Severin Distillery 7.6 mi. E Basse-Terre
Jardin Créole Botanical Garden 7.6 mi. ENE Basse-Terre
Distillerie Reimonenq Operating Distillery 8.1 mi. ENE Basse-Terre
Musee du Rhum Museum 8.1 mi. ENE Basse-Terre
Habitation du Moulin Historical Site 10.1 mi. S Basse-Terre

Cities and Towns

The closest region on Basse-Terre to Plage Leroux is Cafeiere. This interesting part of Basse-Terre is just four miles from the coast, which means it doesn't have to be a terribly lengthy excursion. Cafeiere is a region with interesting things to do, yet is never overly congested.


How many other people you encounter at Plage Leroux will be influenced by everything from the time of day to the capacity of nearby hotels. Plage Leroux is not near very many major hotels, but you may see guests staying at smaller accommodations in the area.

Visitors will find a fairly wide assortment of hotels to pick from in the area around Plage Leroux. The closest of which can be viewed below.

Accommodations near Plage Leroux
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Le Rayon Vert 0.6 N Hotel
Tendacayou 2.6 NNE Lodge
Caraib Bay Hotel 3.4 NNE Lodge


One of the best ways to round off a laid-back trek to the beach is to walk to a local restaurant, where you'll be able to dive into Guadeloupe's specialty dishes, within just a few miles of this shoreline. Le Rayon Vert is one of the closest eateries. This restaurant has a menu featuring Creole food. They're also renowned for their seafood. You'll have the option of walking or taking a cab since it's just a short distance away.

The following table lists dining options located near this beach.

Restaurants near Plage Leroux
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Le Rayon Vert (059) 028-4323 Creole -- 0.6 mi. N
Hemingway Restaurant 0590 28 57 17 Creole, French Informal 1.9 mi. N
La Savane (059) 091-3958 American, French Informal 2.6 mi. NNE
Le Coin des Pecheurs (059) 028-4775 Creole Very Casual 2.6 mi. NNE
Le Mahina (059) 088-9538 Creole Very Casual 2.6 mi. NNE
L’Amer (059) 068-3030 Creole Very Casual 2.6 mi. NNE
Passion Créole (059) 091-8175 Creole Very Casual 2.6 mi. NNE
Pizzeria Gwada'Yolo (059) 083-4337 Italian Very Casual 2.6 mi. NNE
Le Banana’s (069) 057-2740 Creole Very Casual -- --
La Table du Poisson Rouge (059) 022-6050 French Informal 2.6 mi. NNE
Green Kafé (059) 021-4034 Creole Very Casual 3.6 mi. NNE
Koté Lagon (069) 097-3743 Creole Very Casual 3.6 mi. NNE

Other Beaches

Travelers in search of the perfect beach will have plenty of other choices on Basse-Terre besides Plage Leroux.

You may also enjoy La Grande-Anse, located three and a half miles to the north-northeast. The calm and peaceful beach of La Grande-Anse is ideal for those beachgoers who want to catch some waves.

There are plenty of natural wonders to behold in Guadeloupe, and paying a visit to Plage Leroux is just one way you can spend your afternoon.


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