Planning Your Vacation in Guadeloupe

Travelers must take several steps as they plan their Caribbean retreat

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Guadeloupe Travel Planning

Guadeloupe is made up of a number of islands, including Grand-Terre, Basse-Terre, Iles des Saintes, Marie Galante, and La Désirade. With a host of sites, activities, and terrains to explore, travelers should research their options to avoid missing out on the offerings of this overseas territory of France.

Getting Info

Many travelers will first learn of Guadeloupe by hearing about the experience of a friend or coworker who has visited the island. Lovers of all things French are also likely to be familiar with the island. Once you have an interest in Guadeloupe, you should begin planning by doing extensive research about the islands. Research will help you to choose a part of the island that will best suit your vacation plans. Additionally, it will provide important travel, safety, and health information, such as the location of hospitals, customs regulations, and more. The Internet is the most extensive resource of information on Guadeloupe, and travelers can consult this site, tourist offices, travel vendors, business directories, and bulletin boards to learn more. Magazines and travel guides in bookstores are also helpful resources, and travelers may wish to buy a book to take with them on their trip.

Making Decisions

Travelers will need to make a number of important decisions in order to narrow down their vacation options. Vacationers need to choose how to reach the island, as well as how to travel once they are on the island. Cruises and yachts allow travelers to make their transportation a part of the vacation, while airlines provide the fastest and most convenient service to Guadeloupe. Travelers should also consider how much exploring they will do, and whether their travel will merit a rental car. Prospective travelers should also consider what part of the island they will visit, and what types of activities they wish to engage in while there. Grand-Terre caters more to resort goers, while Basse-Terre features unspoiled terrain and eco-tourism activities.

When to Go

Deciding when to go is just as important as deciding where to go. The busy tourist season of mid-December to mid-April offers travelers pleasant weather that is free from the threat of Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms. Tourist services and accommodations also offer increased amenities during this time. Traveling during the Caribbean off season, roughly from May to November, will provide travelers with savings of up to fifty percent on airfare and accommodations, but can also present the problem of closed businesses and unpleasant or even hazardous weather conditions.

Booking your Trip

In the final stages of trip planning, vacationers will need to consider how to book their travel arrangements. The Internet has become the most popular method for booking travel, as Internet travel vendor sites allow researchers to browse through long lists of options with varying prices and amenities. These sites may also offer packaged deals that include transportation, accommodation, and more. Internet users can also book travel arrangements directly through secure company Web sites. Researchers who prefer to book their travel using a method besides the Internet can use telephones and travel agents to secure their reservations. Phone representatives and travel agents provide travelers with personal interaction as they plan their trip.


While vacationers make their travel arrangements, they will also need to consider the budget for their visit to Guadeloupe. The primary costs of the vacation will be travel fare, accommodations, and island transportation, although expenses such as taxes, tips, shopping, souvenirs, and adventure activities will also drive up the price of a vacation. Budgeting a trip prior to traveling will prevent travelers from emptying their wallets while on the islands.

As travelers research the exciting possibilities and offerings in Guadeloupe, they are likely to become increasingly excited to finally reach this alluring Caribbean destination.


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