Centre de Plongée des Ilets

This dive center caters to scuba divers of all skill levels -- even those who have never been trained to dive at all. They offer introductory through advanced certification courses in addition to dives to wrecks, reefs, and more.


From baptism diving all the way through CMAS and PADI certification courses, the staff at Centre de Plongee is equipped to teach you everything you need to know about scuba diving.

Once trained up a bit, you can participate in wreck, reef and night dives on a daily basis. They even offer snorkeling equipment for those tagging along with friends and family who are diving.

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Location and Contact Information

Located near the heart of the island of Basse-Terre, near Mahaut, Centre de Plongée des Ilets is found within Plage de la Malendure, and can serve local residents and visitors who'd like to dive during their vacation on this part of the island or close by. In case you're wondering, Basse Terre is to the south-southeast.

Location: Basse-Terre

Phone: (059) 041-0961

Website: http://www.centredesilets.fr/

Email: contact@centredesilets.fr


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