Guadeloupe Post Card Madness

Sending mail is rather inexpensive, but letters may take some time to reach their destinations


During your stay in Guadeloupe, you should be able to find a post office in most of the country's larger towns and major cities. Thus, you should have no problem sending post cards, mail, and packages back to your home country.

Guadeloupe's post offices are generally open between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. All of the islands' postal services are closed on Sundays. Sometimes post offices operate on erratic and unpredictable hours, so you may want to contact them prior to stopping by. Travelers can also drop letters in yellow letter boxes found near post offices and around the islands.

Postage stamps can be purchased at several locations in Guadeloupe, including hotels, newsstands, souvenir shops, and cafés-tabacs, or tobacco shops. Basic stamps are used on regular mail. The basic stamp is red with the head of "Marianne," which is the Republic logo, and is sold at all post offices.

Postage rates on the islands are fairly inexpensive, and the cost of sending a parcel weighing less that 20 grams to France and its overseas territories is about €0.53. Parcels weighing less that 20 grams sent to the rest of the world cost €0.90. You can weigh your mail and get postage at automatic machines, which are yellow and have a screen and a scale. Simply place your parcel in the scale, tell the machine in either French or English where you want to send it, pay the amount that the machine indicates, and it will issue you the correct stamp.

The postal service in Guadeloupe is fairly slow, but vacationers can send mail from the island to anywhere in the world. Send a postcard early in your trip to let friends and love ones know about your fabulous time in Guadeloupe.


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