Italian Cuisine in Guadeloupe

Almost everywhere in Guadeloupe, you'll encounter a great number of places to have a hot meal. Can't resist Italian food during your holiday here? Guests should pay attention to the places where it's always on the menu. If you're wondering how common it is, there's an over-abundance of dining options within this cuisine alone.

With lots to try, from the informal attitude at I.Pâtes to the crave-inducing dinner and lunch at Le Murato, you're bound to find something with all the right flavors.

The following list allows you to get a taste for the numerous Italian eateries available. On each restaurant's name, click to read the full article about its hours, locale, and even nearby attractions.

Jari Beach Restaurant

Jarry | (059) 094-5132

Jari Beach Restaurant can be found close to Pointe A Pitre. Pleasantly surprising, this dining destination is not just Italian food and hamburgers, but it's also known for putting out great pizza.

The menu here is filled with filling but simple offerings, including pizza, hamburgers, barbecue, salads, and cassolettes.

Safari Pizza

Gosier | (069) 047-9279

Safari Pizza is found in Gosier, a town in the vicinity of Pointe A Pitre; to the southeast of Pointe A Pitre. Consider stopping by Gosier when you have a strong hankering for pizza.

In addition to basic pizzas, there are a few on the menu that are a little more unique. These toppings include lobster, conch, foie gras, and scallops.


Basse Terre | (059) 081-0109

Maxipizza is a logical choice for people who are going to be spending time seeing this part of the city and nearby areas. Don't hesitate to pass through Basse Terre when you just can't help your cravings for pizza.

Everything about the pizzas here is made fresh, from the dough to the tomato sauce.

Pizzeria Gwada'Yolo

Deshaies | (059) 083-4337

Pizzeria Gwada'Yolo is located near Cafeiere; it's 18.1 miles to the west of Pointe A Pitre. Consider stopping by Deshaies if you're a fan of Italian cuisine, but particularly pizza.

There are 17 different standard pies on the menu here, but you can add and subtract ingredients to make the perfect pizza for you.


Saint-Francois | (069) 074-1341

I.Pâtes can be found in Saint-Francois, a city on Grande-Terre; to the east of Pointe A Pitre. Visitors that are in the mood for pasta will thoroughly love eating here during a trip to Saint-Francois.

Fresh pastas and sauces are what sets this place apart from the rest. Authentic, gourmet Italian dishes are on the menu every night, and you can purchase Italian goods, meats, sauces, pastas, cheeses, and more from the market side to bring home.

Italian Restaurants
Name Location Island Type Phone Number
Al Dente Bas-du-Fort, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (059) 023-5266
Bella Vita Downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre Italian (059) 089-0054
Big Pizza Grill 2.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre Italian (059) 025-0582
Casa Della Pasta Baie-Mahault, Northwestern part of Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (059) 038-2865
I.Pâtes Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (069) 074-1341
Il Faro 2.7 mi. South of Central St. Charles Basse-Terre Italian (059) 032-7931
Jari Beach Restaurant 2.9 mi. West of Central Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre Italian (059) 094-5132
Le Cabanon 407.0 mi. North of Central Basse Terre Basse-Terre Italian (059) 094-8084
Le Mambo 2.9 mi. East of Central Grand Anse Terre-de-Haut Caribbean, Italian (059) 099-5618
Le Murato Grand-Bourg, Southern part of Guadeloupe Marie-Galante Italian (059) 046-0651
Maxipizza Basse Terre Basse-Terre Italian (059) 081-0109
Mezzo Mezzo 2.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre Italian (059) 038-9531
Parad Ice Café The vicinity of Pointe A Pitre, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (059) 090-9676
Pizza Julia Les Abymes, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (059) 022-8370
Pizza Roma Les Abymes, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (059) 082-7194
Pizzeria Gwada'Yolo 1.5 mi. South West of Central Cafeiere Basse-Terre Italian (059) 083-4337
Regal Pizza Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (059) 023-1559
Safari Pizza Gosier, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre Italian (069) 047-9279
Saint-val Hugues Basse Terre Basse-Terre Italian (059) 032-1050

Similar Food

When seeking variety that doesn't stray too far, there are more options from this same flavor palette at local places like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location Island
Le Dit Vin (059) 099-3189 French 2.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre
Pinkberries (059) 021-8626 French Gosier, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre
La Grande Gourmandise (059) 099-7281 French Basse Terre Basse-Terre
Le Château de Feuilles (059) 022-3030 French 0.3 mi. West-Northwest of Central Anse-Bertrand Grande-Terre
Eden Palm Restaurant (33) 05 90 88 48 48 French Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre
Bistrot Zen (059) 021-2359 French Bas-du-Fort, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre
L’Authentic (059) 098-8443 French 2.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre
Le Mabouya dans la Bouteille (059) 021-3114 Mediterranean Downtown St. Francois Grande-Terre
La Canne à Sucre (059) 090-3883 French Downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre
Fairouz (059) 091-3969 Lebanese Downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre

Or for yet another take on this theme, try a signature item like the pizza, which is offered both at Le Mahina and La Côte de Boeuf.

Some of the most memorable places to try any cuisine in Guadeloupe are those that you casually come across during your exploration of different cities. However, having the addresses of a few viable options in your daily itinerary, means you'll have multiple alternatives, even in a pinch. To learn more details concerning the kinds of food available to you, check out this page.


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