Rhum Damoiseau Tour

Established at the end of the 19th century, Rhum Damoiseau still stands to this day, and guests are welcome to tour the property to get inside secrets about how the rum is made.

Staying Close

You may enjoy staying in Le Moule if you plan on visiting Rhum Damoiseau Tour, as visitors to this area of Guadeloupe will be pleased to have easy access to this distillery during their time there. There are a suitable number of lodgings around the region within the vicinity of the distillery.

Hotels near Rhum Damoiseau Tour
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Hotel Eden Palm Hotel 5.7 mi. (18.4 km) S
Village De Sainte Anne Hotel 6.1 mi. (21.2 km) S
Hotel Amaudo Hotel 6.2 mi. (21.9 km) SSE
Club Med - La Caravelle Resort 6.9 mi. (15.3 km) SSW

Location and What's Nearby

The region nearby the distillery isn't especially known for its choices of dining options, but tourists will still come across a handful of places to eat dinner. The most frequented nearby eatery is La Maison du Crabe, which has a menu full of Caribbean dishes. Le Mandiana and Maharajah Monty Damencourt are some more restaurant options close to Rhum Damoiseau Tour. At Maharajah Monty Damencourt you and your group should be sure to sample Indian fare and experience the flavors of Guadeloupe.


Operating Hours

The hours of operation for the distillery are not readily available, meaning your top option is phoning ahead of time to make sure the property is going to be open to visitors when you aim to visit.


Arrive at Rhum Damoiseau Tour with plans to hand over the price of admission, which your group can determine by calling ahead of time.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (059) 023-5555

Website: http://damoiseau.fr/

Location: Le Moule, Grande-Terre


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