Shopping in Guadeloupe

French labels and hand woven products are popular in Guadeloupe

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As an overseas department of France, Guadeloupe offers shoppers the best in imported French products, as well as a few excellent locally made items.

...a number of open air markets...


The Goods

The luxury items that you can purchase in Guadeloupe are all imported from France. You'll find lingerie, perfumes, designer fashion, jewelry, china, cheese, patés, and liquor all with French labels.

If you are looking to really support the local economy, try picking up products made right in Guadeloupe. As you browse the markets, you'll find dolls dressed in madras, fishermen hats woven of split bamboo, woven items, spices arranged in baskets, coffee, and locally distilled rum.

Where to Shop

The best shopping to be had in Guadeloupe can be found in the city of Pointe a Pitre. Here there are a number of open air markets, where ladies sell spices and handicrafts alongside food booths. The Central Market is located atPlace de la Victoire, the main square. Frebault, Nozieres, and Rue Schoelcher are the main streets to wonder down for boutiques featuring French products. Also, at the Darse on the first Sunday each month, there is a flea market selling simliar products as the open air markets. Moule, Sainte-Anne and Saint-Claude also hold flea markets on alternating Sundays.

Carrefour, which is located just outside Le Raizet Airport, offers the best mall experience on the island. There are also a number of art galleries situated throughout the island, if you are after the works of local artisans.

Specialty Shops

One of the more popular speciality shops in the area is Galerie Martine Cotten. They're found within Terre-de-Haut, in southwestern Guadeloupe. Martine Cotten draws with pastels, translating all the emotion throughout the Caribbean landscape onto paper. Guests can find them at 16 Rue Jean Calot, on Terre-de-Haut.

A second option is Océom, which is found within driving distance to the east of Galerie Martine Cotten. Adorn yourself with exotic jewelry from Océom. In addition to producing pieces that are full of Guadalupe flavor, the shop has a lot of international pieces; pieces are chosen for their originality and quality. Visitors will find them on Avenue du Dr Marcel.

Golf de St-Francois Pro Shop: All of your golf needs are readily handles at this pro shop, which features a staff well-versed in the sport. To contact them, call (059) 088-4187.

Several of the specialty shops in Guadeloupe are displayed in the table below.

Specialty Shops In Guadeloupe
Name Type Phone Location Island
Atelier Graine de Folie Jewelry Store -- Baie-Mahault, Northwestern part of Guadeloupe Grande-Terre
Freestyle School Surfing Gear Store (069) 015-2829 Ste. Anne, Central Guadeloupe Grande-Terre
Galerie Martine Cotten Art Gallery (359) 099-5522 2.8 mi. East of Central Grand Anse Terre-de-Haut
Golf de St-Francois Pro Shop Golf Equipment and Pro Shop (059) 088-4187 0.7 mi. East of Central Saint-Francois Grande-Terre
Madatet Lures Fishing Equipment and Tackle Shop (069) 074-9906 1.5 mi. Northeast of Central Basse Terre Basse-Terre
Madras Bijoux Jewelry Store (059) 082-8803 Downtown Pointe A Pitre Grande-Terre
Océom Jewelry Store (059) 097-5886 Grand-Bourg, Southern part of Guadeloupe Marie-Galante
Poyo Surf Club Surfing Gear Store (059) 022-5610 0.2 mi. East of Central Le Moule Grande-Terre

Clothing and Apparel

Enjoy looking for interesting clothing? Consider dropping by Dody -- it's located in downtown Pointe A Pitre. Inspired by Guadeloupean traditions, Doby is a unique clothing shop where everything is bright and looks homemade. You'll find them at 31 rue Frébault, on Grande-Terre.

The table just below lists a few details concerning the 4 apparel shops in Guadeloupe.

Clothing and Apparel In Guadeloupe
Name Type Phone Location
Côté Plage Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store -- Downtown Pointe A Pitre
Dody Formalwear Store (059) 082-1873 Downtown Pointe A Pitre
Glamour Boutique Boutique (069) 090-2629 Downtown Pointe A Pitre
Le Gall Boutique (059) 095-0151 Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe

Other Retail

Check out the following table for information concerning some other shopping opportunities.

Other Types of Shopping In Guadeloupe
Name Type Phone Location
Centre Commercial Milenis Shopping Center (059) 048-1515 Les Abymes, Central Guadeloupe
Destreland Shopping Center (059) 038-5385 0.7 mi. South of Central Baie-Mahault
Freestyle School Surfing Gear Store (069) 015-2829 Ste. Anne, Central Guadeloupe
Jardi Village Shopping Center -- 1.5 mi. South of Central Baie-Mahault
Le Marche Nocturne de Saint François Open Air Market -- Saint-Francois, Northeastern part of Guadeloupe
Le Marche Nocturne de Sainte Anne Open Air Market (059) 021-2383 Ste. Anne, Central Guadeloupe
Le Marche Nocturne du Gosier Open Air Market -- Gosier, Central Guadeloupe
Le Marche Nocturne du Moule Open Air Market -- Le Moule, Northern part of Guadeloupe
Les Galeries de Houelbourg Shopping Center -- 2.7 mi. West of Central Pointe A Pitre
Marché Saint Antoine Open Air Market -- Downtown Pointe A Pitre
Marché de la Darse Open Air Market -- Bas-du-Fort, Central Guadeloupe
Marché des Mornes à Baillif Open Air Market (069) 065-3473 2.9 mi. Northwest of Central Basse Terre
Poyo Surf Club Surfing Gear Store (059) 022-5610 0.2 mi. East of Central Le Moule

Duties, Taxes, and Tips

The official currency in Guadeloupe, like in France, is the Euro (€). The United States Dollar (USD), is accepted in many stores, however, change may be given in the Euro. Major credit cards are also widely accepted.

Stores in Guadeloupe typically remain open between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, with a two hour break around 1 p.m. Some shops on the island will give discounts to patrons purchasing French goods when they use traveler's checks and certain credit cards.

Guadeloupe is a duty free port that limits only amounts of certain products that may be imported and exported, such as liquor and cigarettes. American travelers, however, may return only with $800(USD) worth of goods after visiting the island for 48 hours. Anything less than 48 hours, and they may only return with $200(USD) worth of goods.

The shopping scene in Guadeloupe is not large, but it is good none-the-less. If you are interested in French products, or Guadeloupan made souvenirs, you'll find them all as you explore the island.


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