Wanna Talk in Guadeloupe?

Placing a phone call to and from the island may take some patience

Photo credit: © Fernando Jose Vascocelos Soares | Dreamstime.com

Vacationers must dial a series of numbers and country codes when trying to place a call to and from the country of Guadeloupe. At first, the telephone calling system on the islands may be a little bit tricky, but once you have the right numbers and codes, calling home will be a breeze.

Some travelers may be a little bit confused by all of the codes that they must use in order to place a call from Guadeloupe to another country. But as long as you have the right country codes, you should be able to use the phone with no problem. Making a call from Guadeloupe to places located in the country and its nearby islands is pretty simple. Travelers should keep in mind that all telephone numbers on Guadeloupe have 10 digits. All landline telephone numbers begin with 0590; mobile phone numbers begin with the digits 0690. Calling a mobile phone number is more expensive than calling a land based telephone. Numbers beginning with 0800 are free to call, while numbers starting with 089 have premium rates.

To make a call to Guadeloupe from an outside location, first dial the international preface, which is 011 from North America, plus 590, and then the telephone number without the first 0, which leads to dialing 590 twice, which is the normal way to make a phone call. If you're calling from France, all you have to do is dial the 10-digit number. To make a call from Guadeloupe, travelers should remember that the international prefix is 00. To call North America from Guadeloupe, dial 19 plus 1, or 1 and then the area code for other islands in the Caribbean, excluding the French islands, which you only have to dial the telephone number to reach.

There are no coin phones on the islands of Guadeloupe, and vacationers have to use a Telecarte, which is a prepaid phone card, to use public phones. Telecartes can save travelers a lot of money on international calls, and are sold at the post office and vendors that display a sign reading "Telecarte en Vente Ici." You can also place a call at a public phone or make an international call through the operator by dialing 10, and after you're connected you can place a collect call or use your credit card.

Vacationers may not be able to use their cellular phones while visiting Guadeloupe because there are few foreign mobile phone companies that offer roaming services to the country. Check with your service provider prior to your trip. Your company may provide specific roaming to Guadeloupe, but if not, you should be able to get pay as you go SIM cards from various locations.


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