Tipping and Gratuities in Guadeloupe

It is up to individual travelers to decide how much to give for gratuities

Photo credit: © Karen Roach | Dreamstime.com

Unlike many islands in the Caribbean, the people of Guadeloupe don't expect to receive a tip on top of the already implemented surcharge, and gratuities are not considered a tradition. This may sound like great news to many vacationers, but that doesn't mean you should be discouraged from rewarding a job well done.

Gratuities show appreciation for excellent service and provide people in the service industry with a percentage of their income. Therefore, if you receive outstanding service, feel free to give a good tip.

During your stay in Guadeloupe, you will be served by many service workers, including bellhops, chambermaids, and taxi cab drivers, just to name a few. Most hotels in Guadeloupe add a 10 to 15 percent service charge to your final bill. Some travelers may feel like this service charge is enough gratuity for their stay. Keep in mind that this charge will be divided among quite a few hotel employees, and that 10 to 15 percent is not very much money in the long run. If a specific bellhop was particularly helpful during your hotel stay consider giving him some extra compensation.

Restaurants also include a service charge of 15 percent on your final bill. Again, this amount is distributed among various restaurant workers. While no additional tipping is required, travelers are urged to consider what level of service they received, since an extra gratuity is always welcomed, if not generally expected.

Another service that you may call upon while vacationing in Guadeloupe is that of a taxi cab driver. Cabbies that own their own vehicles don't expect you to give them a tip on top of your overall fare, and any gratuity is left to the vacationer's discretion. If you've hired a cab driver to act as your island tour guide, or if the driver has been especially helpful in lifting and carrying your heavy luggage, you might want to give them an extra 10 percent to show your appreciation for good service, especially if you want to use the same company at a later date. Drivers of company-owned cabs do expect some small stipend for their services.

When it comes to gratuities on Guadeloupe, it is up to you how much you think a service worker deserves for a tip. Remember that good service often warrants a good tip.


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