Guadeloupe Transportation

Travelers can reach their vacation destination by several means of travel

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Vacationers will need to find a way to get around this butterfly-shaped paradise, as well as a way to travel between the offshore islands when they visit Guadeloupe. This is an especially important objective to take into considering due to the expansive size of this Lesser Antilles island compared to others in the region.

Air Travel

Air travel is the most popular and one of the most convenient ways to reach Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe's main airport, Le Raizet Airport, receives daily flights from several different countries, as well as connecting flights from other neighboring Caribbean Islands. Various airlines have flights to Guadeloupe, but travelers can only schedule direct flights from Montreal and Paris. People traveling from other countries must catch a connecting flight from another island. Click here to learn more.


Easily accessible, and featuring well-kept yachting facilities, Guadeloupe is a popular sailing destination for yachters in possession of their own watercraft. The type of vacation you're hoping to experience may dictate your port of call. Marina Bas-du-Fort in Pointe a Pitre is nearby a great deal of area that is known for being touristy, and features plenty of resorts, restaurants, and shopping. The Marina Riviere Sens in Basse Terre, meanwhile, is much less developed and perfect for someone looking for a quiet retreat. Whichever location you decide to sail into, you'll have to be well-versed in Guadeloupe's official entry procedures. Learn all about them by clicking here.


Travelers can also get to Guadeloupe and its dependent offshore islands by sea. Cruises are a great way to incorporate travel as a fun part of your vacation. Several cruise lines have services to the islands of Guadeloupe, where cruise ship passengers will dock at the Centre Saint-John Perse Terminal located near the downtown area of Pointe a Pitre. Many cruise ships make Guadeloupe one of their destinations during a tour of the Caribbean Islands, so planning a cruise vacation is a great way to stop by the island for a day-long excursion. Find out more about cruising to Guadeloupe here.

Rental Cars

Self-sufficient travelers have several transportation options. Cycling has become a popular sport and a popular way to get around Guadeloupe. Travelers can rent a bike or moped at any of the bike rental shops on the islands and at some hotels. If two-wheel motion isn't for you, traverse the island in the comfort of a rental car. Car rentals on Guadeloupe are somewhat cheaper than on other islands in the Caribbean, but costs can still be quite high. The roads on Guadeloupe's islands are in very good condition. You must have a valid driver's license from your home country and meet the necessary age requirements to rent a car. Read our Guadeloupe Rental Car Guide to learn more.


Travelers can also leave the driving up to someone else by hailing a taxi cab. Taxis are a popular way to tour the island, but cab fares can really add up at the end of your journey. Unlike cabs on most other Caribbean islands, many of Guadeloupe's taxis are metered, so the cost of your trip will depend on your final destination. Day tours will be considerably higher in price than a trip from the airport to your hotel.


Travelers on a budget will find that Guadeloupe's public transportation system provides a very cost-efficient way to tour the island. Vacationers can catch the bus at almost every village on the islands, and bus fares are very reasonable compared to the cost of many other transportation options. Foreign travelers may face communication problems when trying to catch the bus. If you don't speak French, carry a French translation dictionary or map so you can point out your destination to the driver.


While visiting Guadeloupe, vacationers won't want to miss out on visiting the beautiful neighboring islands that make up the country. Guadeloupe has an abundance of ferry services that travel between the main islands and the smaller islands, as well as to St. Lucia, Dominica, and Martinique. For a minimal fee, you can enjoy an exciting day trip to Guadeloupe's neighboring islands.

No matter how you choose to see the sites of Guadeloupe, you are sure to find getting around the islands to be fun and easy.


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