Learn About the Weather of Guadeloupe

Looking ahead for weather conditions can ensure you have a great vacation

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Guadeloupe Weather

Vacationers can expect beautiful tropical weather in Guadeloupe almost all year long. Average monthly temperatures on the islands are generally stable throughout the year, varying only by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit each month. While travelers should be prepared to enjoy a tropical paradise on these gorgeous islands, they should also be aware that unexpected weather conditions can occur.

Average temperatures on Guadeloupe hover around 74 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months and 87 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Temperatures can drop to between 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit after the sun goes down and will vary among different regions. On the coastal regions of various islands, the air temperature lingers between 72 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit through the year. Further inland, the temperatures are somewhat cooler at about 66 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

The nearly perfect sunny weather is moderated by northeastern tradewinds, which bring refreshing breezes to the islands, making these French Caribbean islands feel like a little piece of heaven for your tropical getaway. Guadeloupe's highest recorded temperature was 92 degrees Fahrenheit on a sultry October day, with a record low reaching a chilly 54 degrees Fahrenheit one cool February night.

...showers are short lived...


Seasons in Guadeloupe are not distinguished so much by temperature as they are by rainfall. The islands that make up the country of Guadeloupe experience two different seasons: wet and dry. July through November is the wettest and most humid time of year. Relative humidity reaches about 77 percent in March and April, and up to 85 percent in October. Rainfall averages about 16.4 to 17.6 inches during the rainy season, and travelers can expect a millimeter or more of rain 18 to 27 days out of of every month. December through May is considered the dry season, and the month of March even averages 0 inches of rain. Still unexpected rain showers can happen any time of year in Guadeloupe. For the most part, showers are short lived and give way to sunshine within a few minutes. Expect to find more rainfall, along with cooler air temperatures, in rainforests and areas with higher elevations.

Tourists should not be deterred from visiting Guadeloupe during the rainy season of the summer months. Thrifty tourists actually consider summer a good time to visit Guadeloupe since it is the low tourism season.  Accommodations rates are considerably lower during this time, and you don't have to fight the heavy crowds on the beaches, at restaurants, and while traveling the islands roads.  Still, the most popular time to vacation on Guadeloupe is during the winter, when travelers come to celebrate the holidays and to avoid hurricane season, which falls between June through November.

Hurricanes are more likely to occur during the month of September, but the odds of experiencing a hurricane are very low. Sophisticated modern technology helps meteorologists predict storms more quickly every year, giving ample warning of severe weather conditions. Tourists can also consider purchasing travel insurance in case of bad weather.


Month Avg. Daily High Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit) Avg. Daily Low Temp (Degrees Fahrenheit) Avg. Monthly Precip. (inches) % Days with Rain
January 83.0
February 83.0
March 84.0
2.8 0.0
April 85.0
May 86.0
June 88.0
4.8 9.0
July 88.0
August 88.0
7.5 16.0
September 88.0
October 87.0
74.0 9.0
November 85.0
December 84.0
5.7 3.0
Annual 86.0 73.0 70.3 8.0

Being prepared for unexpected weather is always a wise idea. Click here to read about what clothikng to pack for your vacation. No matter what time of year you visit Guadeloupe, you are sure to find a wondrous tropical paradise.


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