Map of Attractions in Guánica

1 | Parque Bomberos

The center of Yauco is located five miles (eight and a half kilometers) northeast of this park.

1 | Estadio Osvaldo Gutierrez

Found near the heart of Guánica, this park is 5.0 miles (8.1 km) from the center of Yauco.

1 | Parque De Las Flores

You will be able to find this park within easy traveling range from Guánica, 6.6 miles (10.5 km) from the center of Yauco.

1 | Guanica Lighthouse

A historic lighthouse located in the Guanica State Forest, the Guanica Lighthouse was first lit in 1893, and served until 1950. The historical significance of this site comes from the tale of lighthouse keeper Robustiano Rivera, who, in July of 1898, spotted the American forces as they were lading on the island during the Spanish-American war, and was able to warn local residents.

This lighthouse is located within driving range from Guánica, and is one and a quarter miles (two kilometers) to the south of the center of Guánica.

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This map depicts the approximate location of 4 attractions in Guánica.

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Points of Interest Near Guánica
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Estadio Osvaldo Gutierrez 0.4 mi. North of Central Guánica
Guanica Lighthouse 1.3 mi. South of Central Guánica
Parque Bomberos 0.4 mi. North-Northwest of Central Guánica
Parque De Las Flores 1.5 mi. West of Central Guánica


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