Buses in Hamilton

Riding a bus in Hamilton is easy for you and your budget

While it may seem daunting at first, riding a bus in Hamilton is a breeze. It's cost effectiveness is an added bonus and can help keep you on budget during your vacation, or allow you to spend a little extra on dining or activities.

...paper money is never accepted ...


First, buses are painted pink and blue to make them easily identifiable, and all of them originate on Washington Street behind City Hall in Hamilton at the central bus terminal thanks to the city's near-centered location on the island. Poles at each bus stop are also painted pink and blue; pink it to indicate that the bus is headed into and around Hamilton, while those painted blue indicate they are moving out of the city. There are 14 routes that cover about two miles each and make their way around the entirety of the island, so you should always be able to find a stop within walking distance of your desired destination. The buses run daily from 7:00am to 11:00pm, with some popular routes, such as Route 11 running until midnight during the week.

Bus Routes

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Route 11 to St. George's Via North Shore Hamilton Bus Station Bermuda Aquarium Bus Stop, Perfumery Bus Stop, St. George's Bus Terminal
Route 1 to St. Goerge's Hamilton Bus Station John Smith Bus Stop, Mid Ocean Club Bus Stop, Tucker's Point Bus Stop, Grotto Bay Bus Stop, Hospital Bus Stop St. George's Bus Terminal
Route 4 to Spanish Point Hamilton Bus Station Spanish Point Bus Stop
Route 8 to Dockyard Hamilton Bus Station Somerset Bus Stop, Barnes Corner Bus Stop, Cobbs Hill Bus Stop, Cedar Hill Bus Stop, Dockyard Bus Stop

The next important tip is regards to money. Exact change is a requirement and paper money is never accepted on the bus, so make sure to stock up on local coins. You may also pay with transportation tokens or Bermuda Public Transportation Passes, which are valid on both buses and ferries. The tokens are available at the Central Hospital Bus Stop, the Hamilton Ferry Terminal, and at numerous Visitor Information Centres across the island. The weekly transportation passes are unlimited use for as many days as you have purchased them for, and they come in increments of one ($12), two ($20), three ($28), four ($35), seven ($45), and 31 ($55) days.

Finally, keep in mind that locals use buses just as much as tourists do. The buses are crowded during rush hour as people are making their way to and from work, and buses are especially crowded when cruise ships are in port. You'll probably have to squeeze in tight, so just be aware that it can be hot and things can get cramped. When you reach your destination, use the buzzer on the wall to let the driver know you'd like to get off. Otherwise, the bus will keep on going if no one is waiting at the bus stop.


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