Hamilton Ferries

Ferries are a unique way to get from Hamilton to other popular destinations on Bermuda

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Bermuda has an extensive network of ferry services which allow tourists to make their way from one spot along the coast to another, sometimes even faster than they would if they were to hail a cab, and almost always faster than if they were to take a bus.

Riding the Ferries

Bermuda's ferry service is known as the Sea Express. Each boat is actually a modern catamaran capable of carrying up to 200 passengers at one time. Most of them are air conditioned and all of them are wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for all of the docks. Only Hamilton, Dockyard, and Rockaway are handicap accessible.

As aforementioned, ferry rides are often a quicker way to get from one place to another on Bermuda. The trip from Hamilton to the Royal Naval Dockyard is one hour by bus, yet only 20 minutes on board a ferry; and a ferry ride to St. George's will save you an hour and a half travel time – plus you get the added benefit of the ocean scenery.

There are three ferry routes that operate all year long, and one that makes different stops depending on whether it is the high or low tourist season. All lines originate from Hamilton, and make stops in Paget, Warwick, West End, Royal Naval Dockyard, St. David's, St. George's, and Rockway Express. The routes are color coordinated so you can easily determine which is best for you. Check the chart below to see the path that each route takes.

Check the following chart for ferry details.

Ferry Docks
Name Location
Hamilton Ferry Terminal Par-La-Ville Road - Downtown Hamilton
Lower Ferry Harbour Road - Hamilton Harbour

Pink Route

The Pink Route is a short service that runs from Hamilton and makes stops at a few different docks in Warwick and Paget, including Lower Ferry, Hodson's Ferry, Salt Kettle, Darrell's Wharf, and Belmont Ferry Stop. No scooters or bikes are permitted on this route.

Blue Route

The Blue Route is the most direct route on the island between Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard. The trip takes 20 minutes, and travelers are allowed to bring scooters and bikes on board.

Green Route

Known locally as the commuter route, business professionals on Bermuda can often be found on the Green Route. It runs from Hamilton to Rockaway in Southampton Parish, which is a 30 minute ride, and then back. On occasion, the ferry will also travel to Watford Bridge and Cavello Bay. Scooters and bikes are permitted, and no services are available on Saturday and Sunday.

Orange Route

The Orange Route only operates from the second week of April to the first week of November, and is not available on weekends. The trip takes riders from Hamilton to Dockyard, then travels northeast to St. George's, which takes 35 minutes. If you are traveling from Hamilton to St. George's, you will have to pay a second fare when you arrive in Dockyard to continue onward, unless you have a day pass. Scooters and bikes are not permitted on this route.


Tourists often complain that the cost of cab fare is too high, and taking a ferry is a low-priced alternative. The price for a ferry ride varies based upon which route you take, but in general you can expect to spend between $2.50 and $4(USD) one way. The charts below indicate the costs for each route.

Pink Route

Adult One Way $3(USD)
15 Adult Tickets $20(USD)
Children (five to 16) One Way $2.50(USD)
Children Under Five One Way FREE

Blue/Green/Orange Route

Adult One Way $4.50(USD)
Adult One Way with Motorbike $8(USD)
15 Adult Tickets $30(USD)
Children (five to 16) One Way $2.50(USD)
Children Under Five One Way FREE

You can pay your fare in local currency, or you can buy transportation tokens that are of equivalent value. Another option is to buy a transportation pass, which allows you unlimited ferry and bus rides. The passes are available in one, two, three, and four day increments, as well as one week, one month, and three months. They can be purchased at any ferry terminal, the main bus depot behind the court house in Hamilton, or at any Vacation Information Centre around the island. Check the chart below for prices.

Length of Pass
One Day
Two Day
Three Day
Four Day
One Week $45(USD)
One Month $55(USD)
Three Months $135(USD)

If you have any questions regarding routes and prices, you can contact Bermuda's Public Transportation Board at 441-292-3851.

In Bermuda, ferry services are almost as frequently used as bus or taxis. Make traveling aboard Sea Express a part of your vacation plan, and see how islanders get around.

Ferry Routes, Hamilton
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Bermuda Hamilton Ferry Terminal Belmont Ferry Sea Express at least daily
Bermuda Hamilton Ferry Terminal Darrell's Wharf Sea Express at least daily
Bermuda Hamilton Ferry Terminal Hodson's Ferry Sea Express at least daily
Bermuda Hamilton Ferry Terminal Royal Naval Dockyard Ferry Sea Express many times per day
Bermuda Hamilton Ferry Terminal Salt Kettle Ferry Sea Express at least daily
Bermuda Lower Ferry Hodson's Ferry Sea Express at least daily
Hamilton Hamilton Ferry Terminal Lower Ferry Sea Express at least daily
Somerset Village Hamilton Ferry Terminal Cavello Bay Ferry Dock Sea Express 5 to 6 days per week
Somerset Village Hamilton Ferry Terminal Rockaway Ferry Dock Sea Express 5 to 6 days per week
Somerset Village Hamilton Ferry Terminal Watford Bridge Ferry Dock Sea Express 5 to 6 days per week

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