Hamilton Taxis

Taxis are a huge industry in Hamilton

Thanks to the fact that no rental cars are allowed on Bermuda, most tourists take advantage of Hamilton's taxi services as their main mode of transportation during their trip. As you plan your trip to Bermuda, take some time to learn all about how taxis work on the island so you arrive prepared for all of the differences you'll see between taxis in your hometown and those in Hamilton.

Taxi Companies

The most interesting thing about taxis on Bermuda is that all the drivers are self-employed, and thus work whenever and wherever they want to. As such, most drivers decide to take Friday and Saturday nights off, or they may refuse services if they are not up for a long drive. The most important thing to do is to discuss your destination with the driver before you get in so that you are not disappointed.

You can always call and have a driver pick you up at a certain location, but be aware that drivers operate on “Bermuda Time.” You may tell them to meet you at noon, and they could meet you at 12:15 without worry that they are late.

The following table enables you to reach local taxi services.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Co- Op Taxi (441) 292-4476 55 Dundonald Street - Par-la-Ville Park
Exclusively Elite Executive Taxi Service (441) 333-4985 10 Rec View Hill - Devonshire Parish
Island Taxi (441) 295-4141 4 Addendum Lane - Hamilton

Instead of the four-to-five passenger vehicles that we typically imagine when we think of a taxi, the ones making the rounds in Hamilton are actually minivans with a capacity to hold six. Many of them are even handicap accessible, so those with special needs needn't skip a vacation on the island just because there are no rental cars allowed.

Most often, you'll find taxis driving around the airport, near popular hotels, and by special attractions. If you see one on the streets, simply raise your hand to call one over to you, and if you've been spotted the driver will zip over to pick you up.

All passengers in the front seat are required to wear seat belts, while those in the back are not. However, it is always wise to be strapped in at all times, and to bring the appropriate safety seat for children.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

...Taxis are metered...


The biggest complaint about taxis on Bermuda is that they are quite expensive. Taxis are metered, with rate cards displayed dictating the price per mile so there is no confusion regarding the cost. Though the fare will change on occasion, as of June 2013, you can expect to pay $6.40(USD) for the first mile, and an additional $2.25(USD) for each mile after that if you have a cab of four people or less. For five to six people, the cost will be $8(USD) for the first mile, ad $2.50(USD) for each mile thereafter. You'll also pay an additional 25 percent on Sundays, public holidays, and every day from midnight to 6:00 a.m. If you have luggage to store in the trunk, it will be $0.25 per item.

The rates are fixed by law, which means you can't haggle with the driver for a lower price. Don't forget to reward your driver for excellence. A 10 percent tip is common in Hamilton.

This chart lists some typical taxi fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Hamilton
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 26.45 Downtown Hamilton St. George's Parish
$ 27.10 Downtown Hamilton Somerset Village
$ 8.65 Downtown Hamilton Admiralty House Park
$ 18.10 Downtown Hamilton Turtle Hill Golf Club At The Fairmont Southampton
$ 36.10 Downtown Hamilton Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 6.40 Hamilton Ferry Terminal Hamilton Bus Station
$ 27.25 - $ 30.25 St. George Cruise Terminal Downtown Hamilton
$ 21.00 - $ 27.00 Lf Wade International Airport Hamilton
$ 26.15 - $ 29.00 Hamilton Cruise Terminal St. George's Parish
$ 6.40 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
$ 31.00 - $ 34.50 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Royal Naval Dockyard
$ 6.40 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Hamilton Ferry Terminal
$ 9.00 - $ 10.15 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Elbow Beach
$ 9.25 - $ 10.35 Hamilton Cruise Terminal Spanish Point Park

Without the possibility of hiring a rental car to drive yourself around and hit up all of the town's attractions, you will have to rely on buses, taxis, and tour guides to get you from site to site. One of the best tour options is to hire a cab to take you for just $40(USD) an hour for four passengers or $55.50(USD) for five to six. That comes down to no more than $10 per person, per hour. If you see a blue flag flying on the cab, that means your driver has been certified by the government to give tours, so these are the drivers you want to hire to take you around.


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