Wise Body Wellness

A place that believes wellness is about health of body, mind, and spirit, Wise Body Wellness is a licensed spa and health center where patients can feel relaxed and at peace during their visit.

Offerings and Costs

Your first treatment with Wise Body will be a 30 minute consultation to discuss your body and health with the therapist. This will allow the therapist to create the proper treatment you. From there, they offer acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, and abdominal massage.

The initial new patient consultation which includes acupuncture is $130. After that, depending upon the length of treatment the cost is $80 to $130(USD). Massage is $110 to $150, reflexology is $110, and abdominal massage is $120 to $200(USD). You can also purchase acupuncture packages of five sessions for $525(USD). They accept cash and local checks only.

Location and Contact Information

Located in Par-la-Ville Park, north of downtown Hamilton, Wise Body Wellness is a great option if you're planning a vacation in this neighborhood.

You'll have no problem finding a meal before or after your visit, since you'll find a good selection of dining venues nearby. In case you're curious about nearby restaurants, Common Ground and Jamaican Grill are a couple of the closest options.

Location: 3 Canal Road, Par-la-Ville Park, Bermuda

Phone: (441) 296-8961

Website: http://www.wisebodywellness.com/


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