Beaches on Harbour Island

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It is rare that a list of the Caribbean's best beaches is created that doesn't include the beaches of Harbour Island.  This is in part because the sands on these shores, created by crushed coral, are pink in hue and as soft as they come.  Add the unique view the vibrant blues of the waters that wash ashore and the calm surf and it is easy to see why these beaches are so highly regarded.  

Beach Choices In The Area

You will discover an abundance of beaches to enjoy on and near the island. Snorkeling is available at several locations, for vacationers who enjoy this relaxing pastime. You can click on individual beach names for a detailed review of that beach.

Pink Sands Beach

If you like to snorkel, a place where that's an option is Cistern Cay Beach. Cistern Cay Beach may look like any other beach from land, but if you put on a mask and head beneath the waves, you'll see an entire metropolis of marine life. The only downside is that everyone entering the water should watch their step, or else they may damage the fragile ecosystem; or step on something that bites or stings back!

A second place that beach-goers can consider is Bottom Harbour Beach. Another Bahamian beach of paradise, Bottom Harbour features soft clean sand and sparkling clear water that is picture perfect. The beach club on the beach is only located on a small section of the beach, so it is easier than you may think to escape to a quieter section.

Current Bay Beach: One of the Northern most beaches on Eleuthera Island, Current Bay Beach can be a bit of a drive, but anyone willing to make it will be rewarded with a quiet beach and amazing sights.

Be sure to look through this table for more information.

Beaches On and Near Harbour Island
Name Location Island Coast
Bottom Harbour Beach 3.1 mi. South of Central Dunmore Town Eleuthera Northwest
Cistern Cay Beach 2.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Dunmore Town Eleuthera Northwest
Current Bay Beach 4.9 mi. Northwest of Central Dunmore Town Eleuthera Northwest
Lower Bogue Beach 0.3 mi. South-Southeast of Central Lower Bogue Eleuthera Northwest
Pink Sands Beach Dunmore Town, Central Harbour Island Harbour Island North
Tay Bay Beach 5.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Mano Creek Eleuthera North
Twin Sisters Beach 5.3 mi. South-Southeast of Central Dunmore Town Eleuthera Northwest
Whale Point Beach 2.4 mi. South of Central Dunmore Town Eleuthera Northwest

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