What's Located Around Oceanview Club

Often, travelers choose to visit Harbour Island just for the breath-taking beaches that the Caribbean is so proud of. If you are looking forward to the beach more than anything, Oceanview Club is the perfect locale for you. This site is set on the shore, so vacationers can spend all of their time in the sun if they so desire.

Nearby Beaches

Pink Sands Beach

Naturally, since Oceanview Club is located right on Pink Sands Beach, hanging out at the beach is popular with guests staying here. Pink Sands Beach was rated as one of the Caribbean's best beaches by Caribbean Travel and Life magazine as well as Travel + Leisure. The beach is 3 miles long and up to 100 feet wide. For guests who are willing to venture off site, the following options each offer something a little different. Click the names below to learn more:

Beaches Near Oceanview Club
Beach Distance Direction Location
Whale Point Beach -- -- 2.4 mi. South of Dunmore Town
Cistern Cay Beach -- -- 2.7 mi. South-Southwest of Dunmore Town
Bottom Harbour Beach -- -- 3.1 mi. South of Dunmore Town
Twin Sisters Beach -- -- 5.3 mi. South-Southeast of Dunmore Town

Whale Point Beach is the closest to Oceanview Club. Tucked into the inside of a large cove, Whale Point Beach features some of the calmest ocean water you will find. Combined with the quiet area and the accessibility of the beach, Whale Point is nothing short of a tropical paradise.

You may also want to visit Pink Sands Beach which is generally home to an active scene with lots of other visitors. Pink Sands Beach was rated as one of the Caribbean's best beaches by Caribbean Travel and Life magazine as well as Travel + Leisure. The beach is 3 miles long and up to 100 feet wide.

Nearby Areas

Visitors who'd like some more information about the area's important features may want to know how far the adjacent town or city is from their location. Oceanview Club is located toward the southeastern outskirts of Dunmore Town, near Mano Creek.

The areas that are closest to Oceanview Club are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Mano Creek, Eleuthera 2.1 W
Upper Boue, Eleuthera 4.6 SW
Lower Bogue, Eleuthera 5.6 SW
the Bluff Settlement, Eleuthera 7.0 W
Spanish Wells, North Eleuthera 8.7 WNW
Gregory Town, Eleuthera 8.8 SE
North Eleuthera 9.5 WNW
Current, Eleuthera 11.3 SW
Current Island Settlement, Eleuthera 13.6 SW
Alice Town, Eleuthera 13.9 SE

Nearby Attractions

Preacher's Cave

No matter what kind of vacation you're planning, you'll find lots of fun attractions to keep you busy all across the area. Actually, there are a few attractions located very near to the B & B, including Albert Johnson Memorial and Harbour Island Haunted House. Both attractions are exceptional for tourists staying at Oceanview Club, but the nearest is Albert Johnson Memorial.

For more, check out the nearby attractions below:

Attractions Near Oceanview Club
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Albert Johnson Memorial Historical Site -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Harbour Island Haunted House Historical Site -- -- Harbour Island
Preacher's Cave Cave -- -- 5.4 mi. Northwest of Dunmore Town, Eleuthera
Hatchet Bay Caves Cave -- -- 11.8 mi. Southeast of Dunmore Town, Eleuthera
NAVFAC Base Historical Site -- -- 6.4 mi. Northwest of Governors Harbour, Eleuthera
Globe Princess Theater Movie Theater -- -- Governors Harbour, Eleuthera
Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve -- -- 2.0 mi. East of Governors Harbour, Eleuthera
Big Tree at Palmetto Point Historical Site -- -- North Palmentton Point, Eleuthera

If you're looking for an interesting place to visit, Harbour Island Haunted House might be what the doctor ordered. According to legend, the mansion served as the home of a wealthy family until, one day, the family vanished in the 1940's. Over the years the mansion was left alone.

Nearby Accommodations

When you're choosing a location to stay in, it can often be helpful to find out about nearby accommodation options as a means to get a better feel for the region. Readers will be able to find plenty of additional places to consider prior to reaching a decision, as this part of Harbour Island offers travelers an excellent selection of resort and hotel options. In order to get additional info on booking possibilities available in the area, consult the following table.

Accommodations near Oceanview Club
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Runaway Hill Inn -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Tingum Village -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
The Dunmore -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Royal Palm Hotel -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Rock House -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Valentines Residences Resort & Marina -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
The Landing -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Pink Sands Resort -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Coral Sands Hotel -- -- Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
Romora Bay Resort and Marina -- -- Harbour Island, Harbour Island

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