Holbox Transportation Options

It takes some planning to get to Holbox

A remote destination outside of what is considered to be the tourist region of the Mexican Caribbean, Holbox is an island that straddles the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  Visitors come here for a number of various reasons, but the common thread that seems to bind every tourist is the desire to get away from it all. 

Air Travel

While there is a small airstrip in Holbox, it is reserved for small aircraft – typically charters flown in from Cancun.  It is actually the Cancun International Airport that brings the most visitors to Holbox.  This, the second busiest airport in Mexico, welcomes flights from around the United States, Canada, and Europe multiple times daily on a back-to-back basis making it easy for visitors to plan a trip around their busy schedules.  Everything you need to know about flying to Holbox can be read here


If you decide to sail to Holbox, your first stop will have to be at a port of entry further south like on Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, or Puerto Morelos.  Upon clearing customs, you can then head up to Holbox and anchor off shore.  Find out more about sailing to the island by clicking here.  


While tickets aboard cruise ships that travel to the Mexican Caribbean are extremely popular, getting to Holbox as part of an on-shore excursion is simply not feasible.  The cruise ports are located in Catalina, Cozumel, and Playa Del Carmen, making the journey to far to ensure you'll make it back to your boat in time for it to take off. 

Getting Around

Locals typically rely on their own two feet to get around and there are no full-sized vehicles on the island.  Instead, you'll see golf carts driving down the sandy roads.  You can rent one (whoever you're renting your accommodations with will direct you to the best choice or may rent theirs to you), but there are also larger golf carts that seat up to eight and operate as taxis. More commonplace, though, is for visitors to get around on a .


Outside of hiring a small puddle jumper to get you to Holbox, the only form of transport to the island is by ferry.  The boat travels between Chiquila and Holbox several times a day every day on a trip that takes just 15 minutes.  For more information about the ferry itself, the cost, and typical route times, click here.  

Whether you're planning a fishing trip, can't wait to explore local birdlife, or simply are looking for a quite tropical destination to unwind, Holbox is the place for you – even if it means a little extra work getting there. 


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