Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Bagatelle

While you wait for you food, find out just how lucky you are. Lucky Horseshoe Saloon is not only a Western American style restaurant serving International fare, it is also a place to pull the slots.


Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Bagatelle is located in the general vicinity of Canewood; it is to the southeast of Holetown. There are a respectable bunch of lodgings in the district near this venue, along with a small number of attractions within reach of this spot, helping newcomers to try a little bit of everything.

Even though most guests will prefer dining on-site during their visit here, more may choose to enjoy the menu elsewhere in the region. The nearest Click to Edit is The Coffee Bean Warrens, which serves up eclectic meals and is a great locale to fill up at before your night at Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Bagatelle. Also, you and your group will have eateries like Chefette Warrens and The Garden Bar and Restaurant, where you and your companions can try a bit of Indian dishes.


Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Bagatelle offers a variety of activities where visitors can try their luck for as long as the dice keeps rolling. Whether it's your favorite pastime, or a one time event, the fun is never ending.

Food and Beverage

It is not uncommon to come across a gambling venue that will give their visitors more than just a night of entertainment. Something to quench your hunger and thirst are sometimes available, and are quite often free for visitors who take part in games. Guests who become hungry while enjoying a night here will be happy to see there are some dining options where they can grab a bite to eat on-site.

Credit Cards and Hours of Operation

You will not need to carry cash while gambling, since credit cards are accepted at Lucky Horseshoe Saloon Bagatelle such as: American Express, Master Card, and Visa. <p>From noon to midnight you can stop in for a bight to eat and a few chances to play the slots.</p>

Location: Great House, the vicinity of Holetown, Barbados

Contact Information

Phone Number: (246) 435-7353



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