Transportation Options for Holetown

Arrive in Bridgetown then make your way to the popular city of Holetown

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Although most tourists will originally arrive on Barbados through Bridgetown, many will then make their way to Holetown, which is also located on the island's west coast. Here, there are numerous attractions to take in, beaches to lounge on, and lots of dining and shopping opportunities to boot. Figuring out how you'll get around is an essential part of your vacation planning.

Getting There

As an island, there are really only two methods of getting to Holetown: by land and by sea. Most tourists will arrive by plane, but sailing a private charter or making a stop as part of a regional cruise is possible as well.

Getting Around

Barbados is known for having one of the best public transportation systems in the Caribbean, so this is one island where seasoned tourists might recommend planning on soaking up a bit of local flavor as you explore Holetown. For times when you need direct transportation, taxis are an alternative option, and those who prefer to be in control of getting around will still have the always recommended option of renting a car.

Air Travel

Thanks to its status as one of the most modern airports in the region, as well as the constant travel and tourism awards it is winning, Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) is a very popular airport to fly in to. Most major airlines fly to the island at least once a week, but it is even more common for Barbados to welcome them at least once a day. If you're traveling from Canada, the United States, and Europe, you should have very little trouble finding a flight that fits into your schedule.


Barbados is known amongst sailors as one of the more difficult islands in the Caribbean to sail to, thanks to the islands close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which makes the waters quite rough at time. Seasoned sailors will probably be fine, but if you're planning your first sailing trip alone, this may not be the island for you.


...venture out and make the trip...


Another way of arriving in Barbados by sea is to do so as part of a Caribbean cruise. Cruises to Barbados are very popular, so tourists who would like to visit the island shouldn't have too much trouble making it happen. When you arrive on the island, there is a descent chance you'll visit Holetown as part of a prearranged excursion with your cruise line, however, you can always venture out and make the trip on your own. buses and taxis travel to the town from the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal, and if you book in advance, most rental agencies will meet you there with your rental.

Rental Cars

If you want to rent a car in Barbados, you'll need to be over 21, and obtain a local driving permit for $5(USD). This can be done either at the rental agency or the local police station. Once you have the permit in hand, it is good for up to one year, so you shouldn't have any trouble obtaining a rental. The roads in Holetown are such that you can rent any type of vehicle of your choosing, however, if you plan on venturing to some more rural areas you may want to request an SUV. Rentals will cost around $100 (USD) a day, though prices tend to come down the longer you have the rental in your possession.

Know that driving is done on the left side of the road and speed limits are posted in kilometers per hour rather than miles per hour. Find out more about renting a car and driving around Holetown when you click here.


Hailing a cab in Holetown isn't difficult to say the least. Taxis can be found outside of resorts, shopping centers, and by the beach, plus you'll sometimes spot them around popular restaurants. You can also call ahead and have a cab meet you somewhere at a specific time. Note that taxis here are not metered. Instead, they offer set rates to get to specific locations, though many drivers are willing to negotiate. Ask to see his or her rate card and make sure to settle on your fare before you drive off. You'll learn more about the process by clicking here.


If you aren't in a hurry to get anywhere and you want to cut down on your transportation costs, the bus in Holetown is a great option to consider.  For BS$1.50 every time you get on the bus, you'll definitely find this to be your least expensive option.  Add in the fact that Barbados has some of the most reliable routes in the Caribbean, and you have a winner.

You can learn more about buses in Holetown, including their typical routes, by clicking here

As you plan for your vacation in Holetown, make sure to keep all of your transportation options in mind. How you get around may not seem like a terribly important category to consider, but there is no need to blindly choose one option over the other. A little bit of research will tell you exactly what the best choice is for you.


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