Hopkins Accomodation Options

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Your goals during your stay in Hopkins may help you to decide which type of place you'd like to stay. If leaving less of a carbon footprint and exploring local natural attractions is on the agenda, you'll find there to be several eco resorts in the heart of town. Near the beaches is where you'll find at least three all-inclusive resorts, and scatters throughout the rest of town several hotels and private villas for those who may not necessarily need all the bell and whistles.


Beaches and Dreams Boutique Hotel and Beach Front Cabanas

Hopkins offers hotel possibilities that will be suitable for nearly any kind of visitor. Select from low-cost accommodations, luxury resorts, and plenty more in between. For guests envisioning themselves soaking up some sunshine alongside the pool, there are some local properties to pick from that have top-notch swimming facilities. Click on their names to read more details.

For vacationers looking to enjoy a good late-night scene, Jaguar Reef Lodge and Spa is one destination you may want to consider. Located on the soft white sands of its own private 300-acre peninsula, Jaguar Reef Lodge is a nature lovers dream. The lodge is surrounded by a rain forest, mountains, a barrier reef, and Mayan ruins. If you're looking for something specific, try calling them at (501) 520-7040.

A property positioned on the waterfront that merits consideration is Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort. Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort is a PADI 5-star Gold Palm Resort featuring its own outstanding dive shop, boats, and professional guides. The resort also provides other various adventure tours and a great on-site restaurant with complimentary breakfast. The accommodations are comfortable and provide variety and very unique stays, especially in the ever-popular treehouses. They can be found on Sittee River Road.

If you prefer staying at a high-end accommodation, Almond Beach Resort is probably a good place to start looking. Beachfront Casita Beachfront Casitas have traditional thatch roofs and wooden decks. They are 680 square feet, with wooden floors, and Belizean hand-carved furniture paired with Central American art work. To talk to them, call (501) 822-3851.

Fortunately, there will be some other hotels. If you'd like to learn more about hotels within the area on this page.

Condos and Villa Complexes In Hopkins

Latitude 17°

If you are not really in the mood for a more standard hotel, you might want to think about staying in a local villa or condo.

Latitude 17° is one property of this type found within the heart of Hopkins. These centrally located, modernly decorated cabanas provide a private atmosphere for a more intimate and peaceful location. You'll be able to find them on Main Road.

Check out the table below for details on condos and villa complexes.

Condo and Villa Complexes In Hopkins
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Bocatura Bank Cabins Villa complex (941) 870-5637


1.9 mi. South of Central Hopkins
Caribbean Village Apartment building (501) 660-0817


1.1 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins
Jungle Jeanie's Villa complex (501) 533-7047


Central Hopkins
Latitude 17° Apartment building (501) 651-1322


Central Hopkins

You will be able to see all of the accommodations available for Belize by clicking here.

Camping and Eco-Tourism

Visitors looking to get close to nature might want to check out the availability of eco-tourist options found in the area.

Vacationers looking to stay in Hopkins should consider properties like River House Lodge. So named because it is set on the banks of the Sittee River, River House Lodge is locate within each distance of many of the area's most important attractions. These include the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve, the Mayflower Bocowina Park, the Caribbean Sea, and Hopkins Village. The property is situated on Sittee River Road.

One place on the coast you should consider is Jungle Jeanie By The Sea. Each private cabana has a bathroom with hot water. You can call them at (501) 533-7047.

Those who love the outdoors will find a couple different local eco-lodges in the area, including Blue Horizon Lodge. With accommodations for six guests each week, Blue Horizon Lodge features three private cabanas, each with a bathroom and electricity supplied by a generator. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before you go, you can do so at (501) 668-3194.

Anyone who wants to visit Hopkins can find a nice selection of eco-related accommodation choices too. Those interested can find more details about eco-accommodations available by visiting this page.

Individual Villas

Some vacationers would rather have the luxury offered by one of the many privately rented villas. Use this link to visit our page about rental properties in Hopkins.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Belizean Dreams

Some people prefer the reassurance of an all-inclusive package. There are many reasons for their appeal. For instance, they provide the opportunity relax more completely without having to think about your budget.

Belizean Dreams is one property located in Hopkins. Belizean Dreams is an all-inclusive resort at which guests stay in their own private villa throughout the duration of their stay. The property is at once modern and casual, offering guests a place to relax and enjoy all the comforts they could ask for. Find them at 1 Belizean Dreams Way.

One place positioned on the ocean that is worth considering is Beaches and Dreams Boutique Hotel and Beach Front Cabanas. There are 11 rooms on property at Beaches and Dreams. Five are the original beachfront cabanas, and the rest are located within a three story boutique hotel. Each floor has two rooms, and within each room are luxury amenities like air conditioning, refrigerators, wireless internet flat screen television, and more. If you're looking for something specific, call them at (501) 523-7259.

Anyone who needs to read more details about properties offering this option, go to this article.


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