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The center of Garifuna culture in Belize, many of the attractions that tourists won't want to overlook during a visit to Hopkins revolve around the history of these people.  If you're itching to get out an explore the natural side of town, skip the questionable beaches in favor of a hike to the nearest waterfall. 


Hopkins Beach

You will discover a good group of beaches to choose from in and around the area. Click on the beach names for more detail concerning that section of the coast.

Sittee Marina Beach: The beach is accessible by vehicle or foot, as it is directly off of Sittee River Road. Visitors are advised against using taxis, etc., as the area is quite small and tucked away from major places of interest.

Another location to consider is Hopkins Beach. Hopkins Beach extends on the east coast of Belize and faces Commerce Bight and the Caribbean Sea. Sandy beaches and palm trees make for an excellent sunbathing location, while the beautiful waters remain calm and shallow for swimmers and snorkelers alike.

Hummingbird Beach: Much more remote than its neighbors to the north, but more accessible than those to the south, Hummingbird Beach is a nice compromise of privacy and efficiency. Visitors will be able to lay out on the sand and collect some sun rays, while other go play in the ocean.

Fortunately, the area has other beaches to choose from in and around the area. To reach our detailed page about beaches, visit this page.


In case you like to explore other cultures and places, you should consider visiting a museum during your vacation.

Gulisi Garifuna Museum is a museum close to Hopkins. Exhibits include a history of the Garifuna people, a look at their customs and traditions, a tour of a working garden filled with traditional herbs and plants of the Garifuna, and a live showing of the Garifuna drums and traditional dance.

The chart right below provides some details regarding a museum nearby.

Museums Near Hopkins
Name Phone Location
Gulisi Garifuna Museum (501) 669-0639 Dangriga, 8.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Hopkins Belize

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Travelers may explore some other intriguing sites worth visiting nearby.

Many travelers choose to visit Drums of Our Father's Monument. It is located in Dangriga, 8.4 mi. North-Northeast of central Hopkins. Sculpted by Steve Okeke, Drums of Our Fathers is a monument that represents Garifuna history, culture, and spirituality. It is located in Dangriga, the center of Garifuna culture in Belize, and an awe-inspiring site that welcomes visitors as they enter the town.

The other types of landmarks nearby. are displayed in the following chart.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Hopkins
Name Type Location
Drums of Our Father's Monument Monument Dangriga, 8.4 mi. North-Northeast of Central Hopkins
Rosalie’s Tortilla Factory Facility Viewing Dangriga, 8.4 mi. North-Northeast of Central Hopkins


Even though most people visiting the area come for the beautiful coastline, those aren't the only way to experience the area's natural beauty. One such example is Bocawina Falls. It is situated 13.5 mi. Northwest of central Hopkins. <p>Bocawina Falls is another wonderful Belize natural attraction, offering guests a unique mix of swimming and rock climbing. Just because this waterfall is not tall, doesn't mean it can not be fun!</p>


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