Things to See and Do While Staying at Kismet Inn

Kismet Inn offers visitors a range of recreational opportunities, which active travelers will want to take advantage of throughout their time in Belize.

This hostel is within close proximity to the water, so its lack of a swimming pool is often overlooked by guests who can enjoy lounging on the sand instead. Truthfully, even with access to a pool, many vacationers like visiting the beach so much that they make little use of the pool during their visit.


While there are a few watersports here, if you don't see what you want there are many alternatives, including the vendors located elsewhere in town. The short list below indicates which watersports are available at Kismet Inn:

  • Boating
  • Kayaking

Family Activities

Although travelers can bring their kids to Kismet Inn, there aren't many amenities that are specifically intended for use by families. To view properties that offer more amenities specifically for kids, take a look at these properties recommended for families.

Entertainment and Nightlife

One of the greatest perks of staying at this location is seeing their live entertainment, which means that staying onsite for the evening can be as satisfying as an expensive night out.


Though you'll find plenty to do right on this property, travelers looking to do some exploring can find many exciting outdoor activities in Belize. In the end, the only limits visitors have are the ones they place upon themselves. Whether you want to spend a little bit of time out on the sea or find the closest diving opportunity, it won't be hard to find something to keep you busy if you want to. Check out these articles to learn more regarding sightseeing, shopping, diving, fishing, riding a bicycle or scooter, snorkeling, and other activities.


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