Hopkins Restaurants

The highest concentration of restaurants in Hopkins sit at the center, then move towards the southern part of town. This is because Hopkins is separated into two sections, and the northern part of town is where you'll find natural attractions and Mayan ruins. Building restaurants here is out of the question for the most part in order to preserve the beautiful landscape, so make sure to plan ahead when you'll be visiting this area.

Caribbean and Local

Singanga Restaurant

For those vacationers who like tasting unusual foods that are special to the region they're visiting, Hopkins offers quite a few genuinely local choices to choose from. Belizean and Fusion dishes are among the popular dining options found in the area. Don't forget to click on each link to read additional info.

Singanga Restaurant is situated at Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort and is a local seafood option found within Hopkins. The resort makes every effort to find high-quality ingredients to create international favorites prepared with a Caribbean twist. Hamanasi believes in serving fresh, local fare prepared in a healthy, balanced and flavorful way. Traditional ingredients such as cocoa, cassava and yampie are staples in the kitchen’s “Fresh Meets Fusion” culinary philosophy. You'll find them on Sittee River Road.

Travelers should think about visiting Innie’s Restaurant. The specialty at Innie's is the Garifuna classics, specifically Hudut, a dish of mashed plantains and fish in coconut stew. In addition to the Garifuna dishes, Innie's Restaurant also serves Belize favorites such as stewed chicken. They're located at 191 South Road.

Sunnyside Up: The menu, which is written on the posted black board, changes on a daily basis but always offers a host of local dishes that focus on taste as well as presentation. You will be able to find them on Front Street.

Learn more about these kinds of eateries inside Hopkins by viewing the chart just below.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Hopkins
Name Location Type Phone Number
Innie’s Restaurant Central Hopkins African, Belizean (501) 503-7333
Iris's Place Central Hopkins Belizean (501) 523-7019
Singanga Restaurant 0.9 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins Caribbean, Fusion (844) 235-4930
Sunnyside Up Central Hopkins Belizean (501) 664-1410
Therese's Home Cooking Central Hopkins Belizean (501) 523-7020
Tyson's Diner 1.1 mi. North of Central Hopkins Belizean (501) 523-7017
Watering Hole Central Hopkins Belizean (501) 614-8686

American and Other

Alongside plenty of recognizable American dining options, you will also be able to enjoy some Fusion and International meals.

Diners might want to think about trying Jaguar Reef Lodge Restaurant. Jaguar Reef Restaurant is located at the Jaguar Reef Lodge and Spa and available for guests staying on property. If you're looking to call ahead of time, do so at (501) 533-7040.

The Barracuda Bar and Grill: With a kitchen headed by Chef Tony and Pastry Chef Angela, guest will find a menu of offerings at the Barracuda Bar and Grill prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that includes seafood caught right from the on-site dock, and herbs from the garden. Meats are often smoked in house, and the jerk flavored dishes are a favorite. Visitors can contact them at (501) 523-7259.

Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café is located at Parrot Cove Lodge and is a local dinner option found within the heart of Hopkins. A fresh supply of seafood, produce, and other edible items is delivered to Chef Rob each day, and the menu comes together from there. He draws recipes from around the world with a sure hand and unique ability to make everything not only taste good, but look good as well.

The table down below shows the 6 different possibilities that are able to be seen while in Hopkins.

American and Other Restaurants in Hopkins
Name Location Type Phone Number
Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café Central Hopkins Eclectic (501) 670-0445
Innie’s Restaurant Central Hopkins African, Belizean (501) 503-7333
Jaguar Reef Lodge Restaurant 1.1 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins International (501) 533-7040
Love on the Rocks Central Hopkins Fusion --
Singanga Restaurant 0.9 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins Caribbean, Fusion (844) 235-4930
The Barracuda Bar and Grill 1.8 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins Mediterranean (501) 523-7259

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