Hopkins Taxis

There are a few taxi services available to tourists in Hopkins

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In Hopkins, the local taxi companies double as tour guides, adding to the list of reasons why many people choose to hail a cab rather than rent a car during their stay. While the streets here are never congested by taxis, there are plenty to go around, so those on the fence about utilizing this service have one less concern to consider.

Taxi Companies

The first experience you have with a taxi when you arrive will likely be at the airport in Dangriga. There are always a few waiting for new arrivals, and although the trip is lengthy, you can get a driver to take you to Hopkins for about $100(USD).

Once you've arrived in town, the best thing to do is to call a local company when you're in need of a ride. Although you may see a taxi out on the street on occasion, this isn't something to depend on. Even if there are taxis surrounding you it can be difficult to tell them apart from private vehicles thanks to the lack of standardization. Keeping a list of numbers on hand is a good idea until you grow to recognize the signs that what you're looking at is in fact a taxi.

King Cassava Taxi is the only taxi service for which we have information. You can plan on calling them at (501) 503-7305; you'll find them right within Hopkins.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

In Hopkins, the cost of taking a taxi will depend on you and your driver. Rates are not set by any entity, and there are no meters, so a quick discussion with your driver about fares will be necessary. It is rare to pay more than $10(USD) per trip if you stay within town, unless your driver charges an additional $1(USD) per passenger or an extra fee for luggage.

Unless your driver gives you a tour of Hopkins, which is easy to arrange when you call for the ride, tips are not customary. Still, they are always welcome when your driver goes above and beyond by carrying your luggage or doing something of the sort. An extra $2(USD) is suitable in this case.

The following table lists some taxi fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Hopkins
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 34.00 - $ 39.25 Dangriga Hopkins
$ 39.50 - $ 45.50 Dangriga Sittee Marina Beach
$ 69.75 - $ 80.30 Placencia Sittee Marina Beach

Whether or not you can rely on taxis in Belize really depends on where you are staying. Hopkins is one of those towns where it is perfectly safe to do so. If you'd like to skip a rental and let a local driver take the wheel, this is one place that it is recommended you do so.


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