Hopkins Rental Villas

The vibrant community of people who live in Hopkins make the most of tourism by offering their privately owned homes and villas along the beach for rent to those staying in town whether for a quick getaway or an extended stay. These properties range from small cabins to homes large enough to accommodate a large family and are often the most economical value because of the amenities offered such as a full-kitchen where you can cook for yourself and those you are traveling with.

Individual Villas

You should have no problem finding a large selection of individual rental properties in Hopkins. Many of them with an individually designed theme and feel. Take a minute to read this table to learn more.

Individual Villas In Hopkins
Name Phone Number Bedrooms Bathrooms Location
AmayanHeaven (250) 314-4632 2 1 Central Hopkins
Blue Moon Cabana (501) 669-2660 2 1 Central Hopkins
Casita del Mar (518) 223-9775 2 1 Central Hopkins
Compass Rose Guest House (501) 633-0613 1 1 1.8 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins
Habaru House (941) 870-5637 4 4 1.5 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins
Home Away Rental 332807vb (913) 390-1305 2 2 0.7 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins
Home Away Rental 371849vb (860) 212-7800 2 2 Central Hopkins
Key Belize (952) 217-4041 4 2 2.2 mi. South-Southeast of Central Hopkins
Seagull's Nest Guest House (501) 523-7245 3 -- Central Hopkins
Sittee River Lodge (501) 636-7993 1 1 1.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Hopkins
Sunrise Cabana (501) 669-2660 2 2 Central Hopkins
Sunshine Daydream (804) 384-3385 1 1 Central Hopkins
Victorian Beach House -- 4 3 Central Hopkins
Villa Verano (501) 533-7016 -- -- 1.2 mi. Southeast of Central Hopkins

If you are seeking a wider selection of accommodations beyond what's offered in this category, you can look farther afield. If you'd like to learn more concerning other kinds of accommodations available for Hopkins by following this link.


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