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From comida criolla to American fare, you'll find the dining options in Humacao to be some of the most diverse on the island. Whether you're a picky eater, looking to please a large crowd with varying appetites, or just want to eat something good, you'll be able to quickly and easily find a restaurant that does the trick in this busy city.

Caribbean and Local

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Travelers will have no shortage of opportunities to enjoy local dishes and flavors during their time in Humacao. Creole and Caribbean dishes are among the more popular dining options you'll find in the area. Remember to click on the links to read more info.

El Ikokal is a bar and grill located within downtown Humacao. Set in a small yellow shack, El Ikokal is a simple eatery which doesn't have a written menu. Instead, the worked behind the counter will let you now what is being served for the day; usually fresh seafood. They're located on Road 923.

Another dining venue you might enjoy is Parrillas Restaurant & Bar. Barbecue meats served with fresh sides make up the menu at Parrillas. If you have questions, try calling them at (787) 474-9440.

Paseo Playero Restaurant: Local dishes like fresh fish and mofongo are popular here.

You can see more on related types of eateries within Humacao by taking a look at the table below.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Humacao
Name Location Type Phone Number
Candelero Smokey Grill House Downtown Humacao American, Creole (787) 550-0518
Delicias Criolla Downtown Humacao Caribbean, Creole, Latin American (787) 285-3190
El Ikokal Downtown Humacao Caribbean (787) 285-8413
El Potosi Tacos Mexicanos 0.2 mi. East of Downtown Humacao Mexican (787) 286-0665
El Rincon de las Alcapurrias Downtown Humacao Creole (787) 446-6772
Martin's BBQ Humacao Downtown Humacao Caribbean (787) 285-0667
Palmas Bake & Deli Downtown Humacao Caribbean --
Parrillas Restaurant & Bar 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao Creole (787) 474-9440
Paseo Playero Restaurant 3.8 mi. East of Central Humacao Creole (787) 850-8048
Pollo Tropical Palma Real 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao Caribbean (787) 285-1022

European and Asian

If you're looking to find some European cuisine, you will find lots of different restaurants to pick from nearby. Additionally, you can find at least a few Asian restaurants, including Chinese and Japanese options.

Domino's Humacao is a restaurant offering pizza located in downtown Humacao. One of the largest pizza chains in the world is available in Puerto Rico. Domino's Pizza specializes in fast and fresh pizza.

A good local establishment to be aware of is Stone City Pizza. Enjoy New York style pizza and other Italian dishes at Stone City Pizza in Huacao when a hot, hearty, and quick meal is on your mind. If you have questions, try calling them at (787) 285-2447.

Sbarro - Plaza Palma Real: Food court staple Sbarro is an Italian restaurant serving pizza by the slice. Take a break from shopping between stores and fill your craving for a cheesy slice here. Try calling them at (787) 285-1807.

Take a look at the collection below to get more information on these types of choices in the area.

European and Asian Restaurants in Humacao
Name Location Type Phone Number
Cafeteraa & Pizzeraa Ebenezer Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 285-7292
China Garden Downtown Humacao Chinese (787) 850-8178
Domino's Humacao Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 852-3535
Fratello's Pizza Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 852-5711
Kidron Pizza Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 852-6737
Kingdom Pizza Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 719-5887
Mangiare Pizza Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 850-0100
Pellin Pizza Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 285-8844
Restaurant Tokyo Downtown Humacao Chinese, Japanese (787) 852-6327
Rey's Pizza Place Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 852-5305
Rica Comida China Downtown Humacao Chinese (787) 285-7988
Sabor China Downtown Humacao Chinese (787) 852-3043
Sbarro - Plaza Palma Real 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 285-1807
Stone City Pizza Downtown Humacao Italian (787) 285-2447

American and Other

You will find many restaurants offering American cuisine in Humacao. As an alternative, travelers will be able to choose between International and Creole meals, along with other options.

C Bar Kitchen In Style is a bar and grill located in downtown Humacao. Tapas, fresh seafood, and creatively conceived dishes fill the menu at C Bar Kitchen In Style. For customers who want to call before you go, you can do so at (787) 852-5600.

Chocolate Gallery is a nearby restaurant you might enjoy. Satisfy your sweet tooth by placing an order with Chocolate Gallery. They specialize in fruit arrangements dipped in chocolate that are great for gift giving or having around on a special occasion. They are located at 452 Carreterra Tres.

Chili's Humacao: If you're looking for comfort food with a kick, Chilis is the spot for you. Stop in for foods you'll recognize brought to a whole new level, without the expense you'd normally insure for such creativity.

Bonanza Humacao is a restaurant in the vicinity you might consider visiting. Bonanza Restaurant is a popular chain of buffet restaurants in Puerto Rico where families gather to eat until they run out of room. If you're looking for something specific, call them at (787) 850-5520.

El Hamburger Grill is a local eatery that serves hamburgers, seafood and more located in downtown Humacao. Grilled burgers, hot dogs, french fries, and onion rings are what you'll find on the menu at El Hamburger, but it is the huge selection of condiments that are brought right to your table that really sets this spot a part. Kick back with a cold beer to wash it all down. They're located at 295 Palmas Inn Way.

The chart below collects all 11 different choices you will be able to see inside Humacao.

American and Other Restaurants in Humacao
Name Location Type Phone Number
Bonanza Humacao Downtown Humacao International (787) 850-5520
Buffalo Wings Sports Tv & Grill Downtown Humacao International (787) 285-8505
Burger King Palma Real Downtown Humacao American (787) 285-8237
C Bar Kitchen In Style Downtown Humacao International (787) 852-5600
Candelero Smokey Grill House Downtown Humacao American, Creole (787) 550-0518
Chili's Humacao 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao American, Tex-Mex (787) 880-4884
Chocolate Gallery Downtown Humacao International (939) 644-9518
El Hamburger Grill Downtown Humacao American (787) 996-4313
Ponderosa Palma Real 1.3 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao International (787) 285-1447
Subway Coconut Grove Downtown Humacao American (787) 852-3665
Subway Humacao Mall 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao American (787) 852-4336

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