Shopping in Humacao

From an outside view, it appears that there is a huge wealth of shopping opportunities that exist in Humacao.  Sure, the list of businesses in this town is quite long, but in reality they don't cater to the needs of tourists.  If you require a few articles of clothing, floral arrangements, or groceries, you'll have no trouble finding them; but this town does not specialize in souvenirs and duty free goods. 

Specialty Shops

One of the interesting specialty retailers in the area is Sea Ventures Palmas Dive Center. This store is situated in Palmas Del Mar, in southern Humacao. The morning two tank dive trip leaves the docks at 9:00 a.m. and returns just before 1:00 p.m, then at 2:00 p.m. They are situated at 110 Habour Drive.

The chart below offers more details regarding the 8 specialty shops in and around Humacao.

Specialty Shops Around Humacao
Name Type Phone Location
Floristeraa Cala Florist (787) 364-0205 Humacao
Floristeraa Exa3tica Del Este Florist (787) 850-7055 Humacao
Floristeria Chayra Illusion Florist (787) 852-3033 Humacao
Floristeria Ideas Florist (787) 874-3520 Naguabo, 7.4 mi. Northeast of Central Humacao
Le Fleur Florist (787) 850-0628 Humacao
Sea Ventures Palmas Dive Center Dive Shop (800) 739-3483 4.3 mi. South-Southeast of Central Humacao
Team 1 Hobbies Inc Hobbies (787) 226-5473 7.9 mi. Northwest of Central Humacao
Wanda Pia+-Eiro Art & Craft Art Gallery (787) 285-1841 Humacao

Clothing and Apparel

Looking for some clothing? You might want to visit Mujeres Boutiques -- it's located within Humacao. Find exactly what you're looking for between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. They are located at 30-R Calle 24.

Many apparel shops in Humacao are displayed right below.

Clothing and Apparel In Humacao
Name Type Phone Location
Amany's Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 850-1988 Humacao
Infinito Palma Real Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 285-4548 Humacao
La Soberana Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 852-1174 Humacao
Mujeres Boutiques Boutique (787) 852-4039 Humacao
Rave 816 Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 852-3705 Humacao
Raymond Mens Store Men's Clothing Store (787) 852-0930 Humacao
Sofia Fashion Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 285-0492 Humacao
Sporto Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 285-7514 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao
Tienda Chica's Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 852-1554 Humacao
You Topia Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (787) 850-8534 Humacao

Food and Grocery

Hungry? Bizcochos La Villa is located in Humacao. Whether you're hosting an event or just have have a sweet tooth, Bizcochos La Villa has you covered with a variety of expertly prepared baked goods known for their elegance and style. If you'd like to call in advance, do so at (787) 285-2607.

You can look through the following table to learn more.

Food and Grocery Stores In Humacao
Name Type Phone Location
Bizcochos La Villa Bakery (787) 285-2607 Humacao
Buena Bake And Deli Bakery (787) 285-6690 Humacao
Colmado Alicea Grocery Store (787) 285-1107 Humacao
Don Panini Bakery (787) 850-6502 Humacao
F Y J Supermarket Grocery Store (787) 285-6591 Humacao
Font Martello Minimarket Grocery Store (787) 850-1447 Humacao
Glorias Minimarket Grocery Store (787) 285-0893 Humacao
Humacao Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (787) 852-3404 Humacao
Humacao Supermarket Grocery Store (787) 852-0415 Humacao
Job Creation Bakery Bakery (787) 285-1788 Humacao
Minimarket Las Leandras Grocery Store (787) 852-6696 Humacao
Minimarket Y Ma!S Grocery Store (787) 852-0556 Humacao
Ortiz Zenquiz Ramon Grocery Store (787) 852-0465 Humacao
Plaza Varadero Inc Grocery Store (787) 852-6270 Humacao
Supermercado Centro Este Grocery Store (787) 285-2400 Humacao

Other Retail

The chart directly below has some key facts concerning 15 other shopping locations in Humacao.

Other Types of Shopping In Humacao
Name Type Phone Location
Angel's Store Discount and Variety Store (787) 852-2290 Humacao
At&T Humacao Mobile Phone and Beeper Stores (787) 423-3800 0.7 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao
Farmacia Candelero Drug Store (787) 850-7503 Humacao
Farmacia Dejireh Drug Store (787) 852-2828 Humacao
Farmacia Hima Humacao Drug Store (787) 852-2424 Humacao
Farmacia Marisel 1 Drug Store (787) 852-4180 Humacao
Farmacia Real Drug Store (787) 285-3600 Humacao
Farmacia Rosalina Drug Store (787) 850-2040 Humacao
Farmacia Ruiz Belvis Humacao Drug Store (787) 850-8011 Humacao
Me Salve Humacao Plaza Shopping Center (787) 852-7266 The vicinity of Humacao
Plaza Palma Real Shopping Center (787) 851-5650 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Humacao
Programa Wic Nutrition and Body Care Store (787) 852-1620 Humacao
Sam's Club Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters (787) 285-0001 Humacao
Tu Farmacia Y Mas Drug Store (787) 852-1818 Humacao
Tu Nutricentro-Humacao Nutrition and Body Care Store (787) 852-3265 Humacao

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