Beaches on Inagua

There is hardly a beach that surrounds Inagua that wouldn't be recommended to visitors for different reasons.  None of them are ever crowded and more are secluded, perfect for picnicking, shelling, or swimming.  The beaches along the south and east shores are especially loved, and if you're lucky you may even encounter a hawksbill turtle, also on a swim.  

The Area's Beaches

Beaches Map

You will find an abundance of beaches to choose from on the island. Snorkeling is an option at some locations, for those who enjoy the underwater scene. Simply click on the name of each beach for more information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

If you are looking for a place to snorkel, a location where that is an option is North West Point Beach. This beach is located just 25 mile from Baycaner Hotel.

Another option worth considering is Farquharson Beach. This beach is of smooth, white sands right along the shore, but has a few dunes where the tide doesn't reach. The vibrant blues of the water invite visitors in, but sunbathing is actually the most popular activity here.

The beaches on Inagua are displayed in the table below.

Beaches On Inagua
Name Location Coast
Cool Bay Central Inagua North
Eastern Head Beach 11.8 mi. South of Central Great Inagua South
Farquharson Beach 10.5 mi. North of Central Matthew Town North West
Jack Bay 6.5 mi. East of Central the vicinity of Inagua North
Lantern Head Beach 12.6 mi. South-Southeast of Central Great Inagua South
Loggerhead Point Beach 14.6 mi. South-Southwest of Central Little Inagua North
North East Point Beach 11.0 mi. South of Central Little Inagua North East
North West Point Beach 10.8 mi. North of Central Matthew Town North West
Palacca Point Beach Central Inagua North
Rocky Harbour Beach Central Inagua North
South Bay Beach 4.4 mi. East of Central Matthew Town South
South East Point Beach 15.6 mi. Southeast of Central Great Inagua South East

Bear in mind, you will find other attraction types available too. To visit our full guide to other attractions, navigate to this page.


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