Inagua Transportation

Keep Inagua green by planning minimal transportation

Inagua is comprised of two islands known as Great Inagua Island and Little Inagua Island. One of the top eco-tourism destinations in Bahamas, these islands are home to three different national parks and reserves which foster over 140 species of birds, including 80,000 flamingos. Over 30 square miles of Little Inagua Island is uninhabited by locals, but tourists are free to stay at hotels and resorts in other areas of the island. Because of the protected nature of the islands, transportation is regulated and will require some forethought.

Air Travel

Inagua Airport (IGA), also known as the Matthew Town Airport after the west coast town on Great Inagua Island in which it is located is the gateway to this eco-paradise. The airport is a small one, and only receives arrivals from the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau on New Providence Island on a regular basis. Flights are available through domestic carrier Bahamasair, which can be contacted at 800-222-4262, as well as from certified local and international charter air lines, though hiring a charter can get pricey.

Those traveling internationally will fly first to Nassau before switching to the smaller air carrier.

Sailing'll need to make advanced arrangements...


The Government Dock in Matthew Town is the official port of entry for intrepid visitors who decide to sail to Inagua rather than fly. Call ahead to Customs over VHF radio channel 16 and fly your yellow quarantine flag to let officials know that you have not yet been cleared. When you arrive, a customs official will go over your paperwork and have everyone on board fill out their immigration forms. Once the boat and all passengers have been cleared and the $150 to $300(USD) fee for the cruising permit, fishing permit, and departure fee has been paid, you are free to sail your vessel about the islands for 90 days.

The Matthew Town Docks ((242) 339-2143) is the island's only marina, and other anchorages around the island include Lantern Head Harbour, Northwest Point, Man-of-War Bay, and of course, the Government Dock. A private pier is located in Morton Salt, but you'll need to make advanced arrangements, and if you're sailing a smaller vessel you may be able to dock on Little Inagua at Mudjen Harbour.

Rental Cars

Transportation on both islands is limited because of the protected status. Taxis and buses are completely unavailable, so most hotels will provide transportation to their guest from the airport. If you're staying in Matthew Town, which is where most tourists do end up staying, you'll be able to get around on foot or by renting a golf cart. Jeep rentals are also available in small numbers to those over 21 and with a valid or International Driver's License. Those who do rent should remember that driving is done on the left side of the road here.

The chart on this page provides a list of local rental agencies.


A trip to Inagua is like a dream for those who find interest in exploring an island virtually untouched by human hands. In order to keep things the way they are, tourists will have to sacrifice a bit in the transportation department, but for most, this is perfectly okay with them.


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