Dolphin Discovery

A once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits you at Dolphin Discovery, a controlled but still natural feeling environment that allows guests to get up close and personal with this majestic dolphin.

Cost and Offerings

Dolphin Discovery offers three programs for all levels interactivity with the dolphins. The most removed; great for young children and those not wanting to get in the water, is the "Dolphin Encounter", which is an educational program where the viewers stay dry on a platform, though do come face to face with dolphins. The next level is "Dolphin Swim Adventure" you will ride on the stomach of the dolphin, as well as have the opportunity to snorkel with them. Finally, the "Dolphin Royal Swim" allows guests to be pushed through the water by a dolphin, as well as letting them be towed by holding onto the dolphin's fin.

The lowest session, the "Dolphin Encounter" costs $69, followed by the "Dolphin Swim Adventure" at $99, and finally the "Dolphin Royal Swim" for $149(USD).

Location and Contact Information

Dolphin Discovery is located on the western part of the island of Isla Mujeres.

Dolphin Discovery is located on Isla Mujeres, and thus it can only be reached by either air or sea. Once you arrive on the island, you will have to go north up the peninsula strip on the west-most part of the island. Just before the top, Dolphin Discovery will be on the side facing the mainland.

Location: Isla Mujeres



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