Seso Loco

Seso Loco is all about good food and having fun. Between the free WiFi and the big screen televisions broadcasting the current sporting events, you can't help but let go and relax as you dine on delicious Mexican fare.


Along with Mexican fare, you can order several pasta dishes and pizza. Try the Isla Mujeres pizza, which is topped with ham, mushrooms, bacon, and salami.

Seso Loco is a bar and grill that offers International and Mexican cuisines, as well as seafood. Expect an atmosphere and service that is informal. The option to eat here is on the table during dinner only, so plan ahead to catch their brief service.


Set near the middle of Downtown Isla Mujeres, Seso Loco is on Isla Blanca Street.

Think about combining your dining experience with excellent sightseeing options by heading to one of the region's many nearby attractions, such as Isla Mujeres Cemetery.

Besides the cuisine, something else to try in this area is Playa Pancholo, a nearby beach, where you might nod off after a good meal or a long day.

Nearby Restaurants

For those looking for a local restaurant that has similar menu items and/or a comparable price range, there is no shortage of nearby options to consider, including Sancocho's Grill. You'll find it less than a hundred yards from Seso Loco.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a change of pace, this region of Isla Mujeres boasts a long list of food and drink locales, where you'll find everything from the familiar to the exotic. For example, you might also enjoy the food served at La Guadalupana.

Contact Info

Location: Isla Blanca Street, Downtown Isla Mujeres, Isla Mujeres

Phone: (998) 877-1446



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