Isla Mujeres Taxis

Taxis are a great source of transportation for tourists staying on Isla Mujeres

Taxis are a great option for tourists staying on Isla Mujeres who opt not to rent golf carts or scooters but still need a ride on occasion. Not only are drivers friendly and rides easy to come by, but the fares are so low that even if you get a ride for every move you make, you're still unlikely to break the bank.


On Isla Mujeres, you can tell taxis apart from private vehicles on the street by the red doors. They can be found pretty much anywhere that tourists are known to frequent: areas, downtown, by the beaches, and near the ferry terminal. The main taxi stand, in fact, is located next to the ferries, so you can stop there and ask about a ride right when you arrive. Any time you can't find a ride, or simply want to arrange for one in advance, you can call and have a driver pick you up at the destination you've requested.

...language barrier can be a problem...


Most drivers speak a bit of English, but the language barrier can be a problem. The best thing to do is to write down your desired destination and give the paper to the driver, or learn a few phrases in Spanish such as "Voy a" which means "I am going to" or "Vamos a" which is "We are going to".


Taxis on Isla Mujeres have rates that have been set in advance. For this reason, you won't see meters at the front of each car, nor will you have to negotiate a price. You will need to confirm the price of your ride with your driver to make sure you're both expecting the same rate, but this is rarely a problem. Rates are posted at the ferry dock and at taxi stands downtown, plus many hotels will have the rates on hand and you can of course get prices from your driver. In general, trips range in price from $3 to $7(USD), keeping in mind that the prices double between midnight and 6:00 a.m. You can pay in pesos or United States Dollars, but change is rarely given so be sure to keep small bills on hand. Tips are never required or expected, but will be accepted happily.

Want to know how much a taxi ride will set you back? See this list of examples.

Typical Fares Around Isla Mujeres
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 0.69 - $ 0.80 Downtown Isla Mujeres Colonias
$ 3.38 - $ 3.90 Downtown Isla Mujeres Sac Bajo
$ 3.38 - $ 3.90 Downtown Isla Mujeres Punta Sur Lighthouse
$ 1.68 - $ 1.95 Colonias Sac Bajo
$ 1.68 - $ 1.95 Colonias Playa Garrafon
$ 1.00 - $ 1.15 Downtown Isla Mujeres North Beach
$ 1.68 - $ 1.95 Downtown Isla Mujeres Tortugranja
$ 1.68 - $ 1.95 Downtown Isla Mujeres Playa Lancheros
$ 3.35 - $ 3.90 Downtown Isla Mujeres Playa Garrafon
$ 3.38 - $ 3.90 Playa Garrafon Sac Bajo

Taxis are a simple and recommended form of transportation on Isla Mujeres because they don't take much forethought, they are clean, the drivers are friendly, and the price is right. You should highly consider this option as you review all that is available to you when you visit this small isle in the Mexican Caribbean.


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