Renting a Car in Isla Verde

Road conditions in Isla Verde are optimal

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Because it is located so close to San Juan, Isla Verde benefits greatly from the city's exemplary public transit. This means that a rental car may not be a necessity for every tourist who visits. Even so, there are still plenty of people who want to be in control of their own transportation or have to rent a car for another reason. There is plenty to learn on the subject before you embark on your getaway.

Rental Cars

If you're flying to your Isla Verde getaway, chances are you'll be landing at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, which is the perfect place to pick up your rental. There are dozens of international rental car agencies located on property, which will allow you to get your car and drive the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to get to Isla Verde. You can also wait until you're in town and rent from one of the agencies.

The chart below lists the vehicle rental agencies located in the immediate vicinity of Isla Verde.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Avis Intercontinental Hotel (787) 982-4331 Intercontinental San Juan Resort Spa and Casino - Isla Verde
Avis Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (787) 253-5926 Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport - Isla Verde
Cabrera Car Rental (787) 791-4444 Carolina
Charlie Car Rental (787) 728-2418 Isla Verde
Dollar Rent a Car (787) 791-5500 Baldorioty de Castro Marginal de los Angeles - Isla Verde
Hertz Luis Munoz Marin Airport (787) 791-0840 Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport - Isla Verde
VIAS Car Rental (787) 791-4120 4 Rosa Street - Isla Verde

The Cost of Renting a Car

...find yourself on the road in no time...


You can expect to spend between $40 and $70(USD) a day for a rental car, not including the taxes, fees, and the optional but recommended insurance. Most agencies will also require that you pay a deposit of up to $500(USD), which they will typically hold on your credit card until you return the vehicle. Another form of insurance for these companies is to charge an extra $10 to $25(USD) a day for driver's between the ages of 21 and 24. Other than being able to pay for your rental and being over the age of 21, the only other thing required of you is to have a valid driver's license. With all of these things taken care of, you'll find yourself on the road in no time.


What tourists find most appealing about driving in Isla Verde is that it is very similar to driving in the United States. Traffic moves on the right side of the road, drinking and driving is illegal, and seat belts are a requirement. Road conditions are similar as well. For the most part, you'll encounter paved roads that are well marked, lit, and have traffic signals. In the more populated parts of town is where you'll find the best maintained roads, but on occasion in the less busy areas, you'll encounter roads that have pot holes and cracks. Just be on alert so you don't end up thrown off course or with an accidental flat tire.

In Isla Verde, distance signs are posted in kilometers, but speed limits are posted in miles per hour. Another difference is that gasoline is sold by the liter instead of by the gallon, and is slightly cheaper. Also take note that police cars are required to have their lights flashing whenever they are in motion, so if an officer pulls up behind you this doesn't automatically mean you are in trouble.

There is a pleasant mix of gasoline stations around Isla Verde. Be sure to check out the listing just below for some locations.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Puma Gas Station -- Isla Verde
Puma Gas Station -- PR-40 - Catano
Shell Station (787) 728-8914 Calle Laurel - Condado District
Shell Station -- Avenue de Las Rosas - Isla Verde
Texaco -- PR-40 - 2.4 mi. (3.8 km) Southeast of Condado District
Texaco -- Canovanas

Overall, tourists will find driving in Isla Verde to be a pleasant and easy to manage experience, one that makes it easy to decide that renting a car is a great option for your transportation during your vacation.


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