Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park

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A large nature preserve protecting the natural state of Jamaica, guests will be able to go on a variety of authentic natural excursions or head to one of the few areas that include amenities when they visit. There is nothing like this space elsewhere on the island, as it is reminiscent of Nigeria, Africa.

The entire park is first and foremost a nature park. No matter where you venture in the park there will be thick vegetation and opportunities to spot wildlife. It sits on 13 acres of land on a hill that was originally a plantation. The remains of the Great House still exist and the oldest swimming pool on the island is here as well. The view from the property is of sugar cane fields and the ocean in the distance.

Guests traveling to Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park will be able to embark on a variety of hiking trips that, if lucky, will take them across waterfalls, sugarcane fields, as well as a variety of Jamaican terrain. Alternatively, guest looking for a more stable adventure can head to the mineral water swimming area that includes a deck, barbecues, and seating areas. Camping is a possibility as well.

Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park


Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park is situated north of Cave, a village in Westmoreland Parish; it is to the northwest of Black River.

You'll find the park located just off the B8 Main Highway between Ferris Cross and Montego Bay just a few miles from Ferris Cross. The driver is 40 mins from Negril and 10 mins outside Sav.

Nearby Restaurants

Food and drink choices aren't plentiful in the area near the park. Dragon Lounge Seafood Restaurant, which offers Jamaican food, is also the most convenient option for visitors of this park.

Nearby Attractions

There are a couple other attractions nearby, including Peter Tosh Monument, which is easily reached by taxi away Belmont. Also consider visiting Terravale Estate, which is another attraction nearby.

Parks are one type of attraction you can visit, but there's even more to see during your stay. The following table includes other attractions close-by.

Attractions Near Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Peter Tosh Monument Other Attraction 5.5 mi. (22.8 km) S Belmont
Terravale Estate --Other Places-- 7.5 mi. (19.6 km) NE 12.2 mi. South of Montego Bay
Mayfield Falls GeoFeature 8.5 mi. (22.2 km) N 13.8 mi. South West of Montego Bay
Croydon in the Mountains --Other Places-- 11.4 mi. (23.0 km) E 14.3 mi. South of Montego Bay

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