Renting a Bike or Scooter in Jamaica

From motorcycles to bicycles, two wheeled transport abounds in Jamaica

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Bikes, motor bikes and scooters can be a great option for vacationers traveling around Jamaica. From the low cost of rental to the easy access to out-of-the-way sites, two-wheeled vehicles are a unique way to travel.

While motor bikes and scooters are a lot of fun, they do require extra measures of caution. In Jamaica, roads can be extremely rough, and the law requiring the use of helmets for all motorcyclists is one to take seriously. Potholes and unusual driving rules can also make two-wheeled travel a challenge. Still, the allure of exploring the beautiful island of Jamaica from the seat of a moped or scooter is understandably strong.

If you are considering seeing the sights at a slower pace, you will encounter a variety of different businesses that can help.

If you want to go riding, you might want to contact Gas Bike Rental. Located on One Love Drive in Negril is Gas Bike Rentals -- named for the owner, Gasford Graham, rather than the fact that the scooters they rent out are gas powered. Bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles are all available to rent by the day, week, or even longer. They are located in Negril, in western Jamaica.

A second option is Harley Davidson Negril. For many people, there is no greater thrill than getting on the open road on the back of a Harley Davidson. Although it is illegal to buy and sell these motorcycles on Jamaica, you can rent them at one o several locations around the island, including this one in Negril. You can call them at (876) 957-4428.

A third good option is Harley Davidson Falmouth. Although it is illegal to buy and sell motorcycles at 600cc on the island of Jamaica, Harley Davidson has lobbied hard and are able to rent these powerful vehicles out. Many people, tourists and locals alike, turn to Harley Davidson Falmouth to get their motorcycle fix. situated in Falmouth, in northwestern Jamaica. They're

Glance through the following table to learn more.

Bike and Moped Rental On Jamaica
Name Phone Location
Elvis Bike Rental (876) 848-9081 1.1 mi. South of Central Negril Beach Hotel Zone
Gas Bike Rental (876) 957-4835 Negril, Western part of Jamaica
Harley Davidson Falmouth (876) 617-2578 0.8 mi. East of Central Falmouth
Harley Davidson Montego Bay (876) 971-2576 Montego Bay
Harley Davidson Negril (876) 957-4428 1.2 mi. South of Central Negril Beach Hotel Zone
Harley Davidson Ocho Rios (876) 795-3221 Downtown Ocho Rios
Harley Davidson Whitter Village (876) 953-8368 3.5 mi. Northeast of Central Montego Bay

Non-motorized bicycles are a great option for seeing the island while getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, and many rental opportunities make bikes easy to find throughout Jamaica. Resorts offer rentals at reasonable prices, generally around $30 or $40(USD) per day, which can be much lower than the cost of renting a car. Be aware, however, that a driver's license is usually required for rental, and you may need a credit card for the deposit. The cliffs near Negril make a great day trip, but bikes are also ideal for zipping around town once you're in Jamaica.


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