Brimmer Hall Estate

Built during the 18th century, Brimmer Hall Great House sits on the historic property of a once slave operated plantation.

What to Expect

Furnished with antiques from the era that Brimmer was originally built in, guests cannot overlook the extreme lifestyle the owners of the house lived while profiting from slavery. The tour takes visitors through a living room and modern kitchen, the master bathroom with private study, and three bedrooms. Also located on the property are six former stables that are now shops selling local products.

This single story building is recognizable because of the high ceilings, polished floors, and wide verandah.

Staying Close

Consider staying in Saint Mary Parish if you plan on visiting Brimmer Hall Estate, since those visiting this area of Jamaica will have the benefit of easy site access during their visit. The area around this site remains relatively quiet, especially as there aren't many hotel booking options in the vicinity.

Hotels near Brimmer Hall Estate
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Casa Maria Hotel Hotel 3.5 mi. (20.0 km) N
Robin's Bay Village and Beach Resort Resort 5.6 mi. (30.8 km) E
Golden Seas Beach Resort Resort 6.1 mi. (13.8 km) NW
GoldenEye Resort 6.3 mi. (14.5 km) NW

Location and What's Nearby

The neighborhood immediately around Brimmer Hall Estate isn't exactly known for its selection of eating options, but visitors with an adventuresome attitude may come across a location where they can enjoy a meal. The closest restaurant is Dean Meat Mart & Deli, a wonderful location to enjoy a meal at on your way to spending time at Brimmer Hall Estate.


Operating Hours

The schedule of operation for Brimmer Hall Estate isn't readily available, meaning that your party's best option is calling ahead of time to ensure the site is open to visitors during the time you and your party intend to make an appearance.


Show up at this landmark with plans to give over the cost of admission, which your group can learn by calling ahead of time.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (876) 994-2309 Or (876) 974-2244

Location: Saint Mary Parish, Jamaica



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