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Camping and eco-tourism are one way to explore Jamaica's famous mountains

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Visitors in search of nature's splendors and the great outdoors have found exploring and camping in Jamaica to be an incredible experience.

Accommodations Map

The Blue Mountains are one of the most popular regions for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, not only because of their famous coffee, but because of the breathtaking vistas. Due to the popularity of camping in Jamaica, the Jamaica Alternative Tourism, Camping and Hiking Association, more commonly called JATCHA, was developed to help travelers with an interest in this type of recreation.

Blue Mountains Camping

Campgrounds are found in areas supervised by the Jamaican Forestry Department. Cabins and dormitories account for most of the accommodations in the Blue Mountains, but few supplies are available at forest camps. You will need to bring your own linens, blankets, and kitchen supplies.

Travelers cannot simply arrive at a campsite and pay to use it, you must have a permit. JATCHA can make reservations and leave permits waiting for you at the sites. Otherwise they must be paid for and picked up in advance at the Kingston office of the Jamaican Forestry Department.

Some of the most popular sites in the Blue Mountains include the following:

Hollywell National Recreation Park
(also: Holywell National Recreation Area)
- Tent Camping Available
- Cabins available with fireplace, small kitchen and full bathroon.
- Four hiking trails
- Covered gazebos for picnics.
Clydesdale - Former coffee plantation and pine nursery.
- 3,700 feet in the mountains.
- Bunk bed dormitory that can sleep 30+ with flush toilets, showers and a fire cooking pit.
Cinchona Botanical Gardens - One hour walk from Clydesdale.
- Tent camping available.
Whitfield Hall Hostel - Privately owned coffee farm.
- Provides linens.
- May permit tent camping.
Portland Gap Forestry Hut - 5,200 feet in the mountains.
- One hour or more past Whitfield Hall Hostel.
- Sleeping is on the floor.
- Has running water, outhouse, and space for 30 tents.
Blue Mountain Peak - Forest hut; tent camping permitted.
- Often used by party groups from Kingston on weekends.
- Water may not be readily available.
- May be very cold between December and February.

Camping in Other Areas

Camping is available in other areas of Jamaica. It is most often accessed through a hotel or resort that allows on-site camping. The best choice for campers outside the Blue Mountains, including the nearby cities Kingston and Port Antonio, is Negril. Beachfront and even front-lawn camping may be allowed at hotels in this area for as low as $5(USD) per night, though the average is closer to $10(USD) per tent. Generally shower, toilet and laundry facilities are available at these campsites.

Camping and Eco-Tourism On Jamaica

Travelers looking to get close to nature will want to consider the opportunities for eco-tourism offered. Alongside the eco-lodges you'll find, eco-resorts are another possibility. Click on the links to read additional info.

Negril Treehouse Resort

Visitors hoping to stay in Jamaica should consider accommodations like Mocking Bird Hill. The 10 rooms at the Hotel Mocking Bird Hill combine elegance and comfort, at an affordable price. All rooms are decorated with locally handmade furniture comprised of sustainable woods, and the fabrics, art, and shuttered windows give the rooms a very tropical feel. If you would like to call in advance, do so at (876) 993-7267.

One noteworthy location located on the waterfront you should consider is Country Country Beach Cottages. Experience old Jamaican country charm alongside modern conveniences at Country Country Beach Cottages. Located on famous seven-mile beach in Negril, these individual cottages afford guests both seclusion and the sea in their very own tropical paradise. If you want to call ahead, you can do so at (876) 957-4273.

Another noteworthy option will be Bay View Eco Resort and Spa. There are 33 rooms split between four buildings called Ackee, Palm, Bamboo, and Mango on this beautiful 30-acre property. Guests have their choice of Single/Double, Triple, and Junior Suites. If you have questions and want to call before booking a room, do so at (876) 993-3118.

The chart directly below lists more details on the eco-accommodations available.

Eco-Accommodations On Jamaica
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
Bay View Eco Resort and Spa Eco resort (876) 993-3118


1.9 mi. East of Central Port Antonio
Bourbon Beach Eco Friendly Boutique Hotel Eco resort (876) 374-4982


2.0 mi. South of Central Negril Beach Hotel Zone
Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge Lodge (876) 520-7825


6.6 mi. Northeast of Central Georges Plain
Chippewa Village Hotel Lodge (876) 957-4676


1.2 mi. South of Central Negril Beach Hotel Zone
Country Country Beach Cottages Eco resort (876) 957-4273


0.8 mi. South of Central Negril Beach Hotel Zone
Crystal Ripple Beach Lodge Lodge (876) 974-6132


0.8 mi. East-Northeast of Central Ocho Rios
Golden Shore Resort Eco resort (876) 982-9657


1.1 mi. Southeast of Central Morant Bay
Great Huts Lodge (876) 353-3388


3.0 mi. Southeast of Central Fairy Hill
Mocking Bird Hill Lodge (876) 993-7267


0.7 mi. Southeast of Central Turtle Harbour
Negril Treehouse Resort Eco resort (876) 957-4287


0.8 mi. South of Central Negril Beach Hotel Zone
Prince Valley Guest House Lodge (876) 892-2365


6.8 mi. Northeast of Central Kingston
Salem Resort Eco resort (876) 973-4256


0.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Salen
Satori Resort and Spa Eco resort (876) 952-6133


2.9 mi. South West of Central Montego Bay
Sea Garden Beach Resort Eco resort (876) 979-0943


2.1 mi. North-Northeast of Central Montego Bay
Tingalaya's Retreat Eco resort (202) 741-9720


2.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central Negril
Whispering Bamboo Cove Resort Eco resort (876) 982-1788


1.7 mi. West of Central Belvedere
Zimbali Mountain Retreats Eco resort (876) 252-3232


3.1 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grange Hill

Needless to say, you will find other types of properties available. Visit this article regarding other kinds of accommodations for Jamaica if you want to learn some more specifics.


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