Jamaica Ferries

Ferries offer tours and transportation in Jamaica

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Jamaica Ferries

Unlike many other island nations in the Caribbean, Jamaica is comprised of just one large land mass. This makes travel by ferry less necessary than it is among nations made up of a group of islands. Still, ferry services are available to and from certain areas of Jamaica.

Visitors to Kingston can take a ferry to Port Royal and catch a glimpse of the colonial history of Jamaica. Although Port Royal was originally an island, the fishing village is now connected to the mainland by the Palisadoes, a series of small cays that have, over time, formed a roadway. While Port Royal may be reached by car, many visitors opt to ride the ferry ride instead. The price is right, and the scenic views are unmatched during the half-hour ride.

Port Antonio also has a ferry; it travels to and from Navy Island 24 hours a day. Reachable only by ferry, Navy Island is notorious for the wild parties Errol Flynn and his Hollywood pals used to throw. Flynn once owned Navy Island and, though it is now slated for development, it is a great picnic spot for vacationers hoping to enjoy the natural scenery of Jamaica. The ferry ride is only a short seven minutes.


Future Plans

Paradise Express is an upcoming way to get around, scheduled to launch soon. It will enable passengers to get around Jamaica a bit quicker and in a very comfortable way. They will operate between Negril, Montego Bay, Falmouth, and Ocho Rios. The ship will offer free wi-fi, cocktails, live reggae and dance, as well as light food options.

Though ferries are not entirely necessary in Jamaica, they can make for a great and affordable experience when you need to travel from place to place. 


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